Another starry moment: Armitage future

Hale (Adrian Schiller) watches as Proctor (Richard Armitage) ends Act Three of The Crucible in a flurry of self-accusations. Source:

Hale (Adrian Schiller) watches as Proctor (Richard Armitage) ends Act Three of The Crucible in a flurry of self-accusations. Source:

By the time I’m able to look at my Armitage fan life tomorrow morning, I think, fans will be downloading Digital Theatre’s version of The Crucible on screen, and people who never got to see it and have been waiting for months will finally get to join in the frenzy.

I wish everyone a download free of technical problems, for starters. I hope their server doesn’t crash!

But most of all I wish everyone seeing it for the first time an impression of the incredible magnetism Armitage had in this role. For a long time I’ve been writing about how seeing the play changed me. But I think that Armitage must have been correct when he was quoted as saying that performing the play changed him. I know that seeing this substantially changed my picture of him as an actor and an artist and a person. And that’s the greatest gift of all of this (actor, artistry, fandom, theater, and the things that go alone with them) — the potential for transformation, always to be something different than one was, never to be trapped in the past.

I hope that when we all see this play, what we can all see, very clearly, is: future.

Enjoy the play.

~ by Servetus on March 17, 2015.

7 Responses to “Another starry moment: Armitage future”

  1. I am taking my laptop to town tomorrow after lunch (I have newspaper work to do at home in the AM) and earbuds and borrowing an office space at the dealership where I can also borrow their considerably higher speed internet connection. Really looking forward to it! Another good reason to do it there–my personal Geek Squad, aka Benny, will be steps away if I have technical issues. 😉


  2. I’m likewise so excited for the new round of posts, whether tweets, facebook pages, blogs… and so hopeful that the experience for those viewing it for the first time will be as awe-inspiring as it was for me. The support guy, Jonathan, from DT did respond to me one more time, and he said he/they have their “fingers crossed Re tomorrow” in reference to my comment that I hoped their servers don’t crash. =)


  3. Thanks for this lovely post to those of us, like myself, who are on the cusp of experiencing Richard Armitage portraying John Proctor in The Crucible via the download! Fingers crossed that all goes well with the download transmission.
    And a definite YES to Richard Armitage’s future having a brilliant future as an artist and storyteller!


  4. Thanks for those lovely thoughts for us. I have so looked forward to downloading this but now that D Day is here I am filled with odd anxiety.


    • I felt that way before seeing the play the first time. And before I saw the first Hobbit film …


      • I downloaded the interview first (by mistake! But glad I did because that went very smoothly and I then really enjoyed watching it). Then I downloaded the play…and it sat there on 76% for quite a very long while. Since it’s bedtime I hit play anyways and whaddya know…it was really complete. So, just in case anyone else has that happen, there you go — it really wasn’t stuck. But I’m too nervous to watch it and it’s coming up to midnight and I have to get up at 6 am….well, just a peek maybe.


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