Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: Just south of the nipple edition

Richard Armitage nipple

Richard Armitage, curtain call at the end of The Crucible on screen, September 2015. Clean copy of the screencap is found here.

Inspiration for this Armitage Objectification Mode post accrues to Rosiepig, who knows why, and to Pesky, who, when asked to describe where the arrow was pointing, came up with the designation in the title.

~ by Servetus on March 20, 2015.

52 Responses to “Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: Just south of the nipple edition”

  1. That’s really fine and defined pectoral muscle. Give it a kiss for me, too.


  2. I love his expression here. Kind of like “Look, mom. I just got student of the month.” Then the eye travels south to very grownup body parts. It is such a great contrast between the physicality of his body and (imo) the innocent and modest joy on his face.

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  3. G-d love Pesky. 🙂


  4. Side of neck, under the earlobe and just at the curling tickley edge of his sideburn,


  5. It were a well-placed rip. =)

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  6. Okay you all: follow the arrows, meanwhile I’ll kiss the chesthair 😀


  7. Ha ha! Thank you. I think the costume designer knew exactly what she was doing 😉


  8. You’re absolutely right. This was my first intention, when I saw this super-ragged shirt. Honestly, it looks like he’s in prison for years, not only for 3 months. But of couse, to show him in all of his glory….. 😉


  9. I was trying to remember our email conversation about “the Proctor Nipple” and I have just have just typed in nipple to my email search, thank goodness I didn’t have to google it!


  10. after bathing , he neads some ….


  11. Okay, where do I get my wristband????


  12. That rip was so strategically placed… I remember consciously noticing it when I sat somewhere on the right-hand side of row 2 in the main auditorium. Boy, was I distracted. But well, my grateful thanks to the costume designer ggg.


  13. I do agree with you Servetus .

    We should stand FIRM ,in the name of what historical and actual truth “The Crucible” refers to, it is why I continue , as I have done in the past , to write when I don’t agree .

    We should remain WORTHY , modest, with lot of gratitude , facing the hard, great , breathtaking work of the all production in London , the standing ovation all over the world.

    We have to stay VIGILANT ,DECENT, with the excess of any kind.

    as you , I agree that every body needs distraction , FUN, laughter, nice delirium .

    I claim the right not to be serious all the time , to admire Mr Armitage in all his talents (physical too) .

    How many of us DISCOVERed English or American lirerature, history, fantasy, horror, secret services….throught our curiosity, passion with our favorite star.

    We do have to respect all the writings , that are laid month after month
    in the feature articles of this blog , because of you Serv and yours…

    De plus les artistes doivent pouvoir garder le droit d’ explorer certaines limites comme la nudité pour exprimer leurs valeurs , leurs pensées ,leurs indignations , sans absolument choquer les sensibilités .
    Ils doivent rester les révélateurs , les dénonciateurs , les amuseurs des temps modernes.

    Where are the king’s jesters ?
    I would remain that the role of court jesters is an essential one , is necessary .

    thanks . Sorry for my bad scolar English

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    • I guess I disagree in that I don’t have a problem when people are indecent. That’s their (our) business — I am usually regarded to be one of the indecent, though. 🙂

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      • Je pense m’être mal exprimée en anglais , sur le terme décent .
        Par exemple je n’es pas osé écrire des commentaires trop risqués, comme: ” Que pensez-vous RA a expérimenté pour se mettre dans la peau de son nouveau rôle de schizophrène cannibale ?”
        Do you understand what I meant by decent here ?


        • aha, okay. Thanks for the clarification!


          • Maintenant que j’ai vu réellement la pièce , je vais m’atteler à la tâche de relire vos articles de fond , que vous avez listés ci- dessus . Cela m’apportera une meilleure compréhension globale et sur les détails de ce visionnage et de la portée de l’oeuvre en général .


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