Nipple, nipple, nipple! I’ve been informed that I’m not taking The Crucible on screen seriously enough

Not that it’s either / or, but if you want serious? I think I’ve been pretty serious. There is no wrong way to appreciate Richard Armitage.

Guess what? Those of us who appreciate Armitage’s appearance and physique and bare chest also appreciate his talent, artistry, performance, skill.

Want if you want serious?

Here are four posts about the historical significance of the play as a text we read in U.S. high school classrooms, as a commentary on Salem and witchhunting, as a commentary on twentieth-century politics and McCarthyism, and as a commentary on personal relationships.


Here’s a general review of Richard Armitage’s performance in the play. Here’s a general review of Adrian Schiller’s performance in the play. Here are posts where I discussed Armitage’s performance of virility as John Proctor, and his chemistry with Samantha Colley. Oh, yeah, and I discussed his use of microexpressions in the play, too. Then there was this post about the significance of the staging in the round for what the viewer sees. Some discussion of John Proctor as lover.

I saw the play seven times and I commented in detail on every single performance, starting with August 26th. I wrote about how seeing his artistry changed my life.

Here’s a general review of my first reactions to the screen version.

And I’ve got more and more and more to write. But I’ve also got more and more and more to write about his appearance. Because it is all that.

So I beg your pardon if I want to talk about kissing his nipple.

Richard Armitage nipple

Richard Armitage, curtain call at the end of The Crucible on screen, September 2015. Clean copy of the screencap is found here.

~ by Servetus on March 21, 2015.

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