John Proctor kisses his wife: 8 different GIFs

I have no idea which one is best. They’re located here. This one might have been my favorite because it has a just a shade of the affectionate, desiring nuzzle that I appreciated so when I saw it.


~ by Servetus on March 22, 2015.

12 Responses to “John Proctor kisses his wife: 8 different GIFs”

  1. I love that one, too!


  2. And, I must admit, I’m just tad jealous that she got to kiss him during every performance….


  3. Wow. The one you shared is spellbinding. There are so many powerful emotions in these few seconds! If this is just a sliver of his performance….


  4. I cried in the cinema…in fact I have lump in my throught right now ( pathetic frau 😉 )


  5. yes agree is so beautiful ,forget fifty shades this is pure raw emotion


  6. So much looking forward to seeing this. So much emotion conveyed here sigh.


  7. Crikey! These are all lovely, and I’m hard pushed to choose, but I think your chosen one wins by a whisker ;). Take it from me, it was just as powerful seeing it live, too :).


  8. The desiring nuzzle… shades of Guy – or Lucas. And it’s indeed a beautiful bunch of gifs!


  9. And something about that hint of entreaty at the end.


    • Yeah, we see just the beginning of her nodding (I believe) and him leaning in for more. Very beautifully done.


  10. Wow… I am looking forward to downloading this and finally being able to see it.


  11. […] Pro: Very focused on keeping his axe sharp. Also, can he ever kiss. […]


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