John Proctor nipple chaos

~ by Servetus on March 23, 2015.

13 Responses to “John Proctor nipple chaos”

  1. i think there are 2 possible explanations 🙂 1 they made 2 different ones to give the 2 equal share of the action, so they each worked on alternative nights :-p
    Or the man got it mixed up and wore it inside out LOL giving the visible part to the wrong one :-p

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  2. I noticed that his shackles went from his left hand to his right hand when they were unlocked. Can they flip digital video? It would explain the costume and the shackle.

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  3. Picture reversal?


  4. Hmmm, yes there was a vague mirror-feeling….


  5. Lol…this has really gone to levels I never imagined it would or could…. now I need to wonder, is there a nipple double? Do they get paid as much as a LAMBDA trained nipple? Would Richard ever consider using one… or have a nipple clause in his contract? More to ponder for those inquiring minds who NEED to know!😆

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  6. I’ll never be able to watch Act 4 the same way. Now I must always keep track of which nipple… LOL


  7. Nipple controversy continues to ripple through fandom . Rip exposes nip,causes eyes to dip in crucible clip. Nipples demand equal airing with meticulous tearing.

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  8. I think there is flipping of the digital image as the rips around the shoulders and armholes of Elizabeth Proctor’s gown in the same scene also seemed to ‘flip’.


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