Richard Armitage + Odd Nerdrum + William Blake

So, in case you hadn’t already located it, the picture with the weibo post was created by Odd Nerdrum. (I admit, I thought it looked a lot like Caravaggio when I first saw it, so I’d have been totally off.) Wikipedia tells us that Nerdrum was a reader of visionary literature by Blake. (The article also mentions Dostoyevsky, whose Crime and Punishment Armitage used to refer to a lot in early interviews, as an influence on Nerddrum.)


~ by Servetus on March 23, 2015.

13 Responses to “Richard Armitage + Odd Nerdrum + William Blake”

  1. Also this quote of Nerddrum’s from the wikipedia article: “When I paint as if I struggle in the water. I will try with all means not to drown.”


    • I saw that too, what a familiar description 😛
      I googled this painting, it’s called Boy With Twig, but not sure what the boy was wearing. Perhaps people wore something like that in the specific time period RA is researching?


      • I suppose the outfit looks somewhat like a monk’s cassock / cowl, although the bare arms are a little unusual.


  2. Thank you for the info! I was curious about the picture but didn’t have time to google it yesterday.
    Re Crime and Panishment I always thought RA would be the best Raskol’nikov ever (not to mention he looked/looks exactly as I imagined Raskol’nikov when I read the book in school some thirty years ago). And he would make a perfect Eugene Onegin too. Sigh…


  3. Thank you for this. It reminds me of Rembrandt. Same type of colouring, I guess.
    Kitsch painting. Gosh, we learn something new every day. Love it!
    Do you know what the text on Weibo says?


  4. It also said in that Wikipedia article that he was inspired by the styles of Rembrandt and Carravaggio in direct juxtaposition with the very abstract modernist zeitgeist of Norwegian artists at the time, so you thinking it was a genuine Carravaggio isn’t too of the mark, you weren’t so wrong! 🙂 I thought it might have been a Dutch maste… I didn’t read the connection to Blake though; Thanks for highlighting that! 🙂


  5. And the face in the painting evokes the image of a particular actor whose name escapes me at the moment. But with the painter being contemporary–still alive–I suppose that it is not unheard of that he might reference people’s faces he had seen and liked, if they weren’t “modeling” for him directly. Of course, now it is going to bug me about who that actor I’m thinking of is. Ha!


  6. […] Thanks to RA Bulgaria for the copy of RA’s Weibo tweet and image (left). Thanks to Servetus for pointing out the Norwegian contemporary painter as Odd Nerdrum. […]


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