@OlivierAwards to host #AskArmitage !

~ by Servetus on March 30, 2015.

9 Responses to “@OlivierAwards to host #AskArmitage !”

  1. OMG OMG!!! how exciting!!!!!!! that is wonderful!!! oh i hope he can come for the awards tooo, even if i am not in London (buuaaaaaaaaaaaa) it would be nice if he was here … ohh what a buzzz!!! exactly the kind of news we needed :-))) happy dance!


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    OMG!!!! sooo exciting!! very very very very exciting!!! 🙂


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    What to ask….what to ask…..hmmm


  4. Wow! I’m excited. Are you excited? This is exciting. First nominated and now they are hosting this? Wow. Our boy has come a long way. Lol I really am excited his career is going so well for him and he seems to be choosing projects he is interested in (and thank Mr. A that they are not rom coms with Jennifer Anniston. I’m sure she’s a nice lady (ok, maybe not, who knows). I’m just happy his choices have been so interesting and varied.


    • It’s really cool that they are hosting this. Obviously they know he’s Twitter capable and “advertising material” and that’s so great.


    • I have to agree about the rom-coms, Sparkhouse1. It seems there are so many awful or just mediocre ones out there (and several have starred Ms. Aniston).

      And yay! to Mr. A being chosen for this. 😀


      • I think it’s a bit like with Meg Ryan, she was really good at one thing and she did a lot of it and eventually it just got tiring to watch.


  5. I think I may say with confidence that the circus question won’t come up, but I am thinking he may have to field a question about the costume design for the strategic nipple placement….what are the odds?

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    • LOL, chazak. Who dares????
      I am already compiling a list of questions. I am never sure when to tweet them, though. Too early, and they seem to get lost? Unless they vet and choose beforehand? Tricky.


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