Cleaned-up, boy-next-door Armitage

Richard Armitage Robert Ascroft

I think this is the Richard Armitage I’d like to have come to my rescue tonight. Casual, muscles, t-shirt, coiffed, with just a little bit of stubbly danger.

~ by Servetus on April 17, 2015.

11 Responses to “Cleaned-up, boy-next-door Armitage”

  1. If THAT ever showed up at my door, I’d be a blabbering, red-cheeked idiot! He’d have to rescue the woman who fainted upon sight…lol. I’m thinking your rescue would go rather differently. Uuunfff!


  2. Agreed. I’d be very happy for him to appear on my doorstep.


  3. IF he would ring at my door, honestly, he could sell EVERYTHING to me……..


  4. Gosh, Ascroft made him look sooo good… This is one of my favourite pics. And yeah, I wouldn’t mind having that live next door… (I’d probably break through.)


  5. 🙂


  6. Might spend a lot more time outdoors if this were the boy next door.


  7. those arms…… right, where was i? oh should that be next door i’d put alternative delivery place at his door step too all deliveries and since i’m never at home .. ‘ggg’ i’d keep his doorbell busy, that’s for sure…


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