OTP premieres

This is the first episode of a new web series, OTP, about what happens when two friends who write erotic slash fanfic move in together. It begins nicely with some Bagginshield. Looks promising to me.

~ by Servetus on April 18, 2015.

8 Responses to “OTP premieres”

  1. I think the series itself is incredibly cute but I have such mixed feelings about this that I don’t know how to effectively put into words. 😦


    • you think they’re going to kinkshame? There’s only one think about it that really bugs me at this point.


      • I really hope not, but that’s one of the things I’m worried about. Also general iffy-ness on female-friendly spaces like The Hobbit fandom being possibly put in the mainstream spotlight and the consequences that follow, though part of me says it’s an irrational fear. It’s not like the writers behind this are outside of the fandom looking in after all, they’ve been part of it and hopefully know how important it is to so many. And I didn’t know this was going to be a financial endeavor, I thought the people behind this was just doing it for love of the fandom like most fans, but that was probably naive of me to assume.

        I hate being negative about creative endeavors though, and the series itself is something I’d continue watching otherwise, so trying to cling to the positives at the moment. But yeah, mixed feelings. 😦 What about you?


        • I think it’s probably hard to do something this well produced without some kind of financing. I guess that doesn’t bother me so much just because it’s the creators/fans that are doing it and presumably fans that are crowdfunding it — it’s not like there’s a commercial enterprise out there trying to market it. If it gets to that I am automatically less interested.

          I’m bothered a LOT by the mother / manager character. Yes, all of these characters are stereotypes but that one sticks in my craw.


          • True, I should lighten up on the financially-backed thing. I think the listed pros in the KS page made me leery a bit. Then again, I don’t have an issue with artists making money off of fanart, so I really shouldn’t have an issue with this either. (sorts out feelings in public ahaha oops)

            And wow, yeah, that bothered me too actually, but I forgot about it as I kept watching and she kept cussing like an adorable sailor. I got the impression that she’s writing this series from a more personal perspective, so I ended up not minding as much as I normally would, I think. Hopefully they’ll introduce more characters and paint a broader picture.

            (Also, I get that with the project in its infancy one has to rely on friends and contacts, etc., but once they have financial backing, I hope they get some PoC representation, too.)


  2. Radio play would be much better 😉


  3. My issue is with fan-generated activities that private cmopanies zoom in to coopt. If fans can make money on their activities (without intellectual property theft) more power to them.


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