#BlogIntroChallenge 7: Which post got the most comments? or, The anguish of Lucas North live

blog-intro-challengeThis question is impossible to answer definitively because it’s not clear what a comment is, because WP has changed the workings of its comments since I started, because I am read on three more platforms than I was when I started, and because it’s not clear what a comment is (is a favorite or a heart a comment?). Also, I do comment on my own posts, sometimes very frequently, so a high comment number may only mean that I had an intense discussion with 2-3 other people.

In any case, if measured only by number of WordPress comments, the post with the most is Yeah, I’m crying. Wanna make something of it? It’s an extended review of Spooks 9.7 (the episode with the Harry Pearce / Lucas North interrogation scene, one of Armitage’s better acting moments but not one of the better script moments of the series). I had wanted to go back there and didn’t because of the way that series 9 of Spooks ended. Well, maybe someday.

What I feel when I reread that post now, mostly, is the excitement of watching TV with Armitage in it (we’ve kind of forgotten how that is; I’m sort of looking forward to a revival in a few weeks but somewhat less so because Hannibal is an underwhelming prospect) and then talking about it. Back then, in the US, we had to steal it (the less said about that, the better, I suppose) if we wanted to watch it earlier than six months later. The rush from those discussions still sticks with me. I wish that sort of thing were still possible, but I kind of doubt it.

~ by Servetus on June 13, 2015.

17 Responses to “#BlogIntroChallenge 7: Which post got the most comments? or, The anguish of Lucas North live”

  1. I wish it was possible too.


  2. Yes, the comment stats are not really very useful for a general overview at all. They are sort of limited to “recent weeks”, aren’t they? And yes, I think they also count “likes”, which is a different type of interaction than a comment, with less engagement, and often simultaneously done by commenters, too…
    As for the group-watching of a TV show – I unfortunately missed that experience. (Wer zu spät kommt, den bestraft das Leben) I am not sure whether I would like it, at least not in terms of tweeting – I think I’d be too distracted by the “second screen”. But maybe that would be a good thing for a sensitive soul in case of Hannibal? Must find out if I can watch it at all…


    • I watched first episode Guylty and I may say two words about Hannibal …eee..but I don’t want to 😀 APM is a history for me but I developed SPM 🙂


    • I pulled this stat off the “all blog posts” page — hit the arrow to arrange posts by number of comments. That post was written six months before I got on Twitter, though, and I get a fair number of comments via Twitter.

      I at least was not involved at that time in Tweeting during a show (not sure I’d want to because usually i want to watch a show, although the BBC does not have commercial breaks and NBC does, so maybe during that time) — but it was possible for intrepid fans o/s the uk to see it within an hour of its broadcast in the UK, so those rushy discussions were very possible …


      • Ah. I didn’t even think about Twitter – or tumblr, for that matter. Dang, social media is so damn complicated 😉
        And another ah – of course, I suppose it’s easily possible to have a first-response kind of communal watching experience. I like the idea of that. I am a total one-track-mind. I can’t watch and talk and tweet at the same time. (Incidentally – I hate it when people talk to me while I am watching something…) If anything such as that comes off for Hannibal, that would give me the impetus for watching it as soon as it airs… (well, or: “watch it at all“)


        • oddly, one of the people who facilitated the illicit watching of Spooks across the sea most actively had the pseudonym of Hannibal. I think of that everytime I see the program info — before this show, that guy was the “Hannibal” in my life 🙂


          • Hey, that should bring back good memories, no? Good omen, too? passes rose-tinted glasses to Servetus


            • indeed, although I’m not sure I should remember data theft positively 🙂

              I need new glasses but I was thinking of going to the optometrist …


              • Ooopsie. But well, let’s consider it a Kavaliersdelikt (gentlemen’s crime?).
                Hope the optometrist can help you with that particular prescription 😉


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