Richard Armitage interplanetary

Richard Armitage selfie, tweeted June 16, 2015.

Richard Armitage selfie, tweeted June 16, 2015.

Well, Mr. Armitage, you succeeded in pulling your tulpa out of the fire at the last second. An interview today where you were talking like the person I recognize. And then: Who can resist this photo?

Fantasy fodder, all of it.

Can’t say I’m not relieved, the writing in the evenings of the last few days has been tempestuous and not much fun and not really publishable. An important episode, I learned a lot, but even if sounds now like I’m saying, “Just stay on point and be beautiful.” Maybe I am saying that — horrid thing to contemplate. I don’t know, but I will figure it out.

~ by Servetus on June 17, 2015.

29 Responses to “Richard Armitage interplanetary”

  1. I haven’t had a chance to read the interview yet, but the photo alone was enough to cheer me up. I am sure the interview will only enhance my happier mood. 😀


  2. I’ll say it: RA, please just stay on point and be beautiful. 😀


  3. I think I can say that,too.I feel wearinness very often lately but as a lover of fantasy genre from very early age I’m smiling wide while looking at that selfie 😀 Thank you,Servetus .. Thanks Richie!


  4. Yup! Back on track! 🙂 And this may be one of my fave selfies of his too!


  5. now this is a pic i like 🙂 fun to speculate on 🙂 I liked the interview too, almost seemed a bit tame given recent outpourings 😀
    Oh i like him all 🙂 Some storms make for very uncomfortable swimming, including some water swallowing and swimming against the flow and being blow away by the currents. But if he was a man of calm, tranquil waters i suspect he would’t be the artist he is. The inner conundrum and battle is so exciting for his art and is the reason why his art is generally so great and inspiring and challenging. His personal self is just the other half of the conundrum and equally as conflicted, deep, stormy and therefore challenging. Can’t have one without the other i feel 🙂


    • Maybe. I am sure he fights significant artistic battles. I saw no sign of that in the Cybersmile materials. That was part of the problem.


  6. I think, just like everybody else RA is entitled to say what he likes so long as he is not rude or abusive, so I like this selfie and I think his message for cybersmile was ok as well,


    • Just like everybody else, I am entitled to say what I like as long as I am not rude or abusive, and I like this selfie and I thought his message for Cybersmile was ill thought out, counter productive, and did more harm than it did good. And, just like everybody else, I am allowed to have things the celebrity says affect my impression of him. He left an impression so negative on me in the last ten days that I almost lost him as my muse. I believe I am allowed to express that.


  7. And I would never and have never said that you can’t 🙂 I was just expressing my opinion of both posts. Just because I disagree with you and the majority here on the cyberbullying issue doesn’t mean that I don’t respect your right to express those opinions 🙂


    • This the thing — not everything I write has to turn into an identity battle, you know? Not every single time. I hope. If that’s how it’s going to be I will eventually have to quit writing because it is just too exhausting.


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