Richard Armitage thanks fans

~ by Servetus on June 26, 2015.

14 Responses to “Richard Armitage thanks fans”

  1. That’s hilarious…is it just me, or did it look like she was trying to coax a reluctant dog to come back?


    • that was not just you 🙂


    • yeah 😀 dog or small child “say everybody hello! ”
      That beard is simly perfect!

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      • I was waiting for her to go on, “Do you want a treat??” 😀


        • it looks like they had plenty of dinner, but you can often attract a guy with a cookie. It must be some genetic throwback kind of thing.


          • Mini Me was doing that very thing this afternoon to coax nephew dog with French fries


          • Dans les débuts de l’étude des sciences du comportement animal, il y a eu le russe Ivan Pavlov , qui a décrit les réflexes conditionnés de salivation chez le chien (en particulier en présence ou non de nourriture , de stimuli ) , mais aussi l’autrichien Konrad Lorenz , qui a étudié le comportement des animaux dans la nature ( éthologie) , les notions d’inné ou d’acquis ( empreinte) …
            Le milieu des médias et du showbiz se rapproche plus de celui d’un laboratoire , que de la nature .
            Donc quel était l’expérience menée par cette charmante journaliste auprès de Richard Armitage ?
            Avec les ordinateurs , les statistiques , les recherches proposent des prédictions du comportement des individus ou des foules . Les méandres de nos pensées seront bientôt directement transcrites par ordinateur sans support de la parole ou de l’écriture .
            Où ira la liberté individuelle de penser et cybersmile n’aura plus raison d’être ?


  2. It feels good to grin like a fangirl again. It seems like it’s been a while.

    I really like that he takes the effort to say thanks for the support over the years. As a relative new-comer to big fame, I believe he’s aware of the unusually strong and enduring fan base he had when still relatively unknown. His thoughtfulness in acknowledging and mentioning that is endearing, especially because I feel there’s a sincerity underlying his gracious, public thank you’s.

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  3. He seems pretty relaxed.


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    I have posted this on Twitter, but it deserves a place here too 🙂


  5. I reckon he was a tad tipsy. Fancy forgetting to say his name and what the award was for. Oops. He looked so, so relaxed, cheeky and even flirty. Love it! I am so happy that he is getting some down time and finally being able to celebrate. He works too hard and life cannot be all work and no play, not for him, not for anybody. I also saw in that video a glimpse of his fun side pushing back in. He is normally much more controlled and measured. I hope it is there to stay, and that more of that comes through on his twitter feed. Congrats Richard! Well deserved though I would have expected you got the “leading actor” award not the “supporting actor” one. Still trying to figure that one out!!


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