Collider interview with Richard Armitage at the Saturn Awards

~ by Servetus on June 27, 2015.

20 Responses to “Collider interview with Richard Armitage at the Saturn Awards”

  1. And of course it’s a dumbbell, Mr. Sportivitage 😉


  2. Oh, mercy, what must Dolarhyde’s journal have been like? I can imagine dark places indeed. Now he piques my curiosity about this part of the book they are doing that shocked the crew . . .


    • Yes, my first reaction was “get those hackers!”; who cares about nude selfies, I want that diary. . . 🙂


  3. squeeor swoon ? I can’t decide 😉


  4. Eh, the sound in this vid is really weitd on my phone, impossible to understand actually. Anyone else have that problem?


  5. @guylty: Jupp, auf dem iPhone nudelt es so merkwürdig. iPad packt es . Komisch…….

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  6. Honestly, I’ve been bored to tears watching “Hannibal” so far but I’m hanging in for RA. Perhaps, I should more attention to my television screen than my laptop screen.


  7. Not having any problems on my MacBook pro. (don’t know why not)


  8. On twitter RichardArmitageNet ‏@RAnetdotcom said 6h6 hours ago
    For those tweeting the new Collider vid via YouTube it’s inaudible. Use this instead

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