Just seeing this Richard Armitage picture now. Deep sigh of satisfaction.

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~ by Servetus on June 27, 2015.

16 Responses to “Just seeing this Richard Armitage picture now. Deep sigh of satisfaction.”

  1. Quite honestly, this man deserved this award..He was so……………..superb in BOTFA, sometimes almost hard to watch…He shows so much emotion through his eyes, his face…He can be sinister, almost scary one minute, happy, smiling the next….So gifted is he….I cannot wait to see him in Hannibal. and that is a tough show for me to watch even though it is beautifully done…..BRAVO Mr. Armitage


  2. I know how you feel about Hannibal being a tough show to watch, Tessa, as I find myself struggling along with it, and yet, for him . . . I will because I know he will bring something very worthwhile to the role of Dolarhyde. And yes, honestly, he deserved an award for Thorin before now, but I am glad it finally happened. Truly an masterpiece of acting. 😀


  3. Love imagining his boots, which we can’t see here.


  4. Oh, and I love the photo, too. Much nicer background than that turquoise thing they were using (much as I love that color, that backdrop just didn’t cut it). Love him in this color combo.


  5. He does look particularly fine in this photo. And genuinely happy too!


  6. Content, I would say, he looks so content. Happy for him – he deserves this!


  7. Yes, I really like this one. In fact, I liked it so much that I just pinned it to Pinterest.


  8. Simply beautiful. ..happy, relaxed and self posessed!


  9. I am sitting here wondering what I ever saw in him. OMG, I am really over him.


  10. Denhat er sich für Thorin auch wirklich verdient!!


  11. love the sparkle in the eyes 🙂


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