No comment

~ by Servetus on June 27, 2015.

14 Responses to “No comment”

  1. Sometimes I wonder about that boy. Lol. I can only hope he polishes his speechwriting skills before he ever wins an Academy Award…and leaves the jokes to the professionals (or at Comic Con).


    • maybe he thought he wouldn’t win, and so didn’t prepare. I know I figured he wouldn’t win. Delighted to be proven wrong!


  2. A HaHaHa! I’m dying with laughter, Girls! 😉 😜


  3. I know it’s a joke he’s told before but it made me laugh! And blimey his voice is deep at the moment! I’m guessing the laugh at the beginning where we miss what he says is him asking for more wine. Fair play 🙂


  4. Man(n) sollte immer mit dem Schlimmsten rechnen, wenn man bei solchen Veranstaltungen nominiert wurde. Es könnte zum Äußersten kommen 😉
    Egal, es war schön, diese tiefe Stimme mal wieder zu hören, (trotzdem).


  5. Oh, Richie. Cheeky monkey.


  6. As someone who cannot watch the video right now I am feeling happy and unhappy at the same time…
    Congrats to RA! He (and Thorin) deserves that.


  7. In certain I’ve heard him say this joke before but I still couldn’t stop laughing probably because I keep picturing him in that moment… 😂😜


  8. How do you wash those hands afterwards? I mean, I hope they were washable, otherwise it would be…you know, yuck.
    See, the joke is completely spoilt on me…ahem 🙂


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