Part 1 of an excellent interview with Richard Armitage re: Dolarhyde

From Ma Vie en l’Air. More reflections on nudity.

~ by Servetus on July 25, 2015.

8 Responses to “Part 1 of an excellent interview with Richard Armitage re: Dolarhyde”

  1. The question about violence was a good one , I spoke about that notion some weeks ago . But did R Armitage gave a real true answer ?


    • I think he’s hairsplitting. You don’t see rapes, but you do see the murders done — he just isn’t doing them (Will Graham commits them as part of his “reliving” of the crime).


      • ok I agree the interview is pretty good for what he had to perform and be confronted to as actor .
        But I’m asking about the general evolution of violence in movies nowadays , which incluses glamour and erotism . I think it may provide some perturbations in weak-minded spectators , with a more acceptable prospect of serial killer violence .
        I only think Richard seems to elude this question , I asked some weeks ago .


        • I disagree. I think movie violence reflects social ideas about violence, I don’t think it causes people to become violent. The ideas are already legitimate before they are filmed. No one who watches a film about a serial killer will become a serial killer because of that — the causation is much more complex.


          • ok je suis d’accord sur l’origine du déclenchement de la violence chez les SK .
            Mais j’ai hâte de voir le film pour connaître l’ambiance et l’équilibre rendus par les acteurs et le metteur en scène entre violence, horreur / esthétisme , chorégraphie , glamour , découverte des sentiments , de la sexualité… Pour comparer avec d’autres films connus de ce genre , qui dénoncent ou décrivent la violence .


          • ok i agree on the origin of the outbreak of violence among SK.
            But I can not wait to see the film to know the mood and balance provided by the actors and the director between violence, horror / aesthetics, choreography, glamor, discover the feelings of sexuality … To compare with other known films of this kind, which describe or denounce violence.


    • give sorry


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