Armitage anatomy: Some muscles of the back

Screen shot 2015-07-26 at 10.50.12 PMIt’s been a while since I’ve one one of these!

~ by Servetus on July 27, 2015.

22 Responses to “Armitage anatomy: Some muscles of the back”

  1. Thank you. Some of those muscles I didn’t even know existed. Never seen them on my hubby..LOL


    • Some of them you would never see unless the person involved was doing this — they’re not all at the surface of the back.


  2. Thank you. I thought those were just the wings beginning to form under his skin. BTW I will go for the expected rimshot prompt: I see nothing inferior about his posterior.


  3. All those Latin words. And then: “dimple”. LOL. And at first sight I thought this was one of your “places to kiss” posts. It wouldn’t have surprised me, tbh 😉


  4. Ah… so educational…


  5. Thanks, that’s very useful. Next time I see my geriatrician I’ll know what to call all those things that hurt.


  6. I wonder how many hours at gym did it take to get his body fat levels low enough for us to see all these lovely muscles?


    • I do not want to think about all the caloric pleasure foregone … I hope he started eating again afterwards 🙂


  7. Educational, yet funny as hell! So, is the salt here purer than Himalayan? Your response to Kathy had me guffawing, if that’s a word.


  8. Jesus… Help me God… help me 😥


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