An odd anniversary

A year ago today I interviewed for the job I have now and was told unofficially that I would be offered it. Which in turn was the last thing that had to happen for me to be able to go to London.

The things I remember most vividly of that day: that Obscura hosted the interview at her church (thanks, buddy!), that I took her out for a long breakfast afterward, that I had an omelette but left off the hash browns and drank three Pepsis in three hours, that our waitress was staggeringly pregnant, that I was exhausted when I went home and had a tension headache, that by the time I got there, my department chair had called dad three times and I had to tell dad I couldn’t speak with anything until I had a nap, but then I could hardly sleep, that I talked to my chair, and then eventually made dinner, and dad was really drunk at dinner.

So wild to think of all of that.

Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt. Ouch.

~ by Servetus on August 13, 2015.

12 Responses to “An odd anniversary”

  1. nevertheless congrats for the 1 year in the new job; the balance from the offers and the year is positive, isn’t it? 🙂


  2. Ok…that’s a beautiful quote. I find it less of an ouch and more of an epiphany. Sometimes in my desire to change myself via external factors, it is comforting to know that none of the extraneous things I longed for (that were unattainable, for some reason or other) would have really made me different than I am now. Sort of a “bloom where you’re planted” scenario for me. That can sometimes feel restricting, but the wisdom in that quote does ring loudly. Sort of like Solomon discovering that “all is vanity.”
    Congrats on the experience of London that this job made attainable. Happy 1 year anniversary. Have cake🎂


    • yeah, all in all it was worth it.

      I think I have the perpetual hope — because of spending my entire life in a school system — that this is the semester everything will change 🙂


  3. Strange, what our brain remembers most of important days… snapshot feelings and memories, often the most important things becoming hazy, and only the sundries stand out in clarity…
    Has this anniversary of sorts also made you evaluate the past year? Apart from allowing you to go to London, what has this year brought you?


  4. re this quote: I think the only latin that still sticks to me is the one from Asterix comics… from the four years at school (actually five because I had to re-do one year because of my bad latin) there is only a basic understanding from Gaius Julius ‘de bello gallico’ left. So I really have no clue what you are saying. Strange enough, I kind of like latin 😉 … my favorite quote is ‘do ut des’ though.


    • This is an easy one to google, but it could be rendered as “those who run across the sea change the sky, not their spirits”. Nowadays some people say “wherever you go, there you are.”

      I love Latin. I’m not very good at it but I love the precision and the puzzle like quality and the fact that you can move every word around in a sentence to suit your sense of rhythm and style.


      • I love language per se. I’m rather good at learning languages by listening and “experiencing” them, but I’ve always sucked at explaining grammar (german also). But – I think you will agree with me here – this is not the best basis for getting a grip on latin … and so I was constantly hovering between the second worst and the worst grade. I like the words and the theoretical possibilities of features like the ‘ablativus absolutus’, or keeping it brief through conjugating nouns (as in your example) but the grammar never really found its way into my brain. I also had the misfortune to have the most ambitious teachers – so the only decent grade I’ve ever managed in 5 years was in a test that another teacher had set up for us, because ours was ill … saved my ass in that year 😉
        I clearly remember one test (a translation) in which I wrote three words at the beginning, then left the rest of the page blank but for a sentence that said “Dann sägten sie die Schlafenden an.” because I wasn’t sure if I got the verb or the noun right. So, that bad. But despite all that I like latin. 😉
        And that quote is a very intriguing one. And somehow it also fits the Armitage.


        • Horace was writing to a friend who’d gone to Asia in order to ease his world-weariness, essentially to say, come home, and home is fine if you just order your mind correctly.

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