Even more responses to Hannibal 3.11 and Richard Armitage

Vulture. This is an interesting review. I missed the allusion to Pound (was thinking about the Bible). Commentary on adaptation, but this time, likes it. Beautiful: “Tom Noonan, for all the looming anxiety he instills, couldn’t make Francis a real person with real emotions. Noonan has great presence, something you can’t teach, but his persona is rooted in a sense of emptiness, like there’s a void behind those eyes. Armitage is the opposite, creating an entire indiscernible person hiding behind the flesh-and-bone one we see on screen.”

411mania: “Richard Armitage is knocking out of the park in the back half of this season.”

More Stars than in the Heavens calls it the scariest episode so far.

HitFix. “Richard Armitage [continues] to bring both Dolarhyde and the Dragon to life with his physical intensity.”

CutPrintFilm. “Richard Armitage delivers his best performance here yet.”

MassLive. Comments on the interest level of Dolarhyde as a character.

TVJunkies. “Of particular note (yet again) was Richard Armitage’s performance.”

CarterMatt. Dubious about the story, but praises Armitage’s performance.

FathersOnHolyGore.com. “Armitage continually proves he has the chops.”

Dorkshelf.com. “Armitage and Wesley are such a natural addition to the show that it’s difficult to feel like it doesn’t belong to them …  Hannibal has long benefited from the experience of excellent guest stars, but these two take the top prize, able to conjure the amount of emotional investment normally only won from scenes involving the series’ central family … despite only having three episodes together by the end of this hour.”

Flickering Myth. “Richard Armitage was both suitable creepy and sympathetic.”

~ by Servetus on August 16, 2015.

11 Responses to “Even more responses to Hannibal 3.11 and Richard Armitage”

  1. Agree, agree, agree!! Noonan scared me as Dolarhyde but I never felt an actual connection with this damaged human being that I feel with Dolarhyde as crafted by RA.


    • I can’t really compare. I thought the comment that you don’t mind that the series is focusing on Dolarhyde and Reba was interesting — I haven’t been looking closely but I’ve only seen one Fannibal tweet complaining about that. And now, in four weeks, two tweets wishing Dolarhyde was played by another actor. That alone is a triumph!


      • I was more engaged with the Will Graham character vs. Francis or Hannibal in the film “Man Hunter”–I really liked William Petersen in that role and I have to confess when I think of Will Graham, I still envision him. Then again, I didn’t start watching Hannibal until this season and those first eps—oh, my. Didn’t do anything for me. Bored, confused and frustrated.

        I feel as if the series really amped things up once the Dolarhyde storyline began. And clearly I am not alone. Glad to see those who object to RA and/or the Dolarhyde/Reba emphasis seem to be in minority.


  2. As a non-watcher, can I just say that it thrills me to no end that he is knocking this portrayal of a difficult character out of the park? He is not mine to be proud of, but yet I am thrilled for him and I so fully appreciate his amazing range. It is so exciting to think that he is getting the praise and notice he deserves. I really like watching justice done and good people getting their due!


    • I have the same reaction in that I always think, “I’m proud of you but I have no right to be proud.” His successes are in no way owing to me nor do they reflect on me in anyway, either — but i still feel that way. It’s probably a deflection of a secret feeling of inner triumph that I crushed on someone “worthwhile.”


      • For me, it’s more like the righting of a wrong. I can’t stand when good people who work hard, tirelessly and with excellence and integrity aren’t ranked properly. I’ve seen a lot of less qualified people get jobs they aren’t deserving of, or accolades that belong instead to someone who worked for them behind the scenes. I believe that we should just continue to do what is right, and that at some point, it will all be justified. I feel like this for Richard…sort of an underdog pull. It makes me happy to see that it does work for someone, and hopefully, the circumstances of those I know and love will all be justified too, somehow. Complicated feelings, when I consider I don’t know the guy, huh? 😅


  3. I have read several excellent prof. reviews and blogger summaries. If anyone could make me watch Hannibal, it’s got to be RA.
    I haven’t seen any episodes yet, but all the reviews and comments make me feel like I’m missing out on a fantastic performance.
    I’ve always told myself that I chose well those five years ago when RA “came into my life”; the crush is definitely worthwhile 🙂


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