On writing and flow

To be noted for the future: I think, finally, in the last month or so, when I’ve had a lot of adrenaline in situations where I’d rather not have, I’ve grown to understand a distinction that has dogged me for a long time. For most of my academic writing, I either mistook adrenaline for flow, or when I couldn’t achieve flow, I substituted adrenaline for that.

Nowadays, I want flow, but not adrenaline (or at least, as little as possible). The question about flow has to be separated completely from the question of stress hormones.

~ by Servetus on September 2, 2015.

4 Responses to “On writing and flow”

  1. Yep. It happened to me in college that I relied on stress adrenaline to get me through my papers, and when I reached the point of being so constantly inundated with stress that my adrenaline response burned out, I couldn’t write anymore. It’s just not a condition that’s tenable in the long run.


  2. So spot on this S! and so with you on this! i find stress almost paralysing to be honest sometimes and i’ve caught myself also feeding on caffeine just to keep supposedly energy high when the loads and deadline is just too much. Thank God happens less and now i know the signs.
    Flow is something utterly wonderful when it happens and energising in such a great way 🙂 I’ve found for myself it happens so much better when i am actually fully rested, had a good sleep, mostly happy with progress at work and then i can write for 3-4h without interruption and it feels great and it just pours out 🙂
    I’m so grateful for everyone who encouraged me to blog and for all the readers and comments and finding that nice feeling again 🙂
    I really hope your stress is only incidental or the kind that happens sometimes but you also have the experience that it is isolated and will no be a continuous build up of pressure. Not sure how flow happens for you but i hope he happens more often than ever and leaves you feeling good 🙂


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