Light at the end of the tunnel?

It’s been a really long summer as a fan — one spent mostly without Richard Armitage fantasy. I’d been struggling before that a bit, anyway, when this fantasy went surprisingly south. I spent a lot of the first day of Rosh Hashanah writing about this question, without coming to a whole lot of conclusions. I’ve always had the fantasies, really up until the Cybersmile posts, but after that, they were flickering and, I thought, maybe dying? It’s hard to explain what I’ve been going through on this topic, even to myself.

Last night, I was reading a Richard Armitage RPF and an image stuck in my head and this morning, there it was, again, the revived fantasy with all its most beautiful features — a bit slow, a bit choppy, struggling to get out — organized around a particular image. And I felt really youthful again for the first time in months. And creative. Like it would be worth chasing around a few thoughts and writing them down again. Energetic. Like I could see myself as an author, as a maker, again.

Tulpa revived? In any case, please stay around, Mr. revived Richard Armitage fantasy. You made my day so much brighter. I still need you.

~ by Servetus on September 30, 2015.

5 Responses to “Light at the end of the tunnel?”

  1. Yay, I’m glad he’s back!


  2. Care to share which rpf? I’m always looking for good reading


  3. So happy for you!!!


  4. This is the story. I didn’t link to it because I didn’t want to suggest 100% endorsement of it, but it has an iconic moment that relit my fire.


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