Normcore Armitage: This one made me giggle!


~ by Servetus on September 30, 2015.

13 Responses to “Normcore Armitage: This one made me giggle!”

  1. Normcore… had to google that! LOL


  2. I had to google that one too! Urban Dictionary definitions made me giggle. Geez, I feel old! 😊


  3. I will have to tell my husband that we are in style with our normcore clothing.haha


  4. I feel trendy as hell. I’ve been sporting normcore looks for years. Who knew?


  5. Ha. Like everyone else I had to google. And spot on! I must say I like that trend 😀


  6. thank the Lord for wiki 🙂 but.. not quite normcore eh, he was wearing those utterly marine blue trainers 🙂 Normcore with a fashion twist 🙂 and shoes are still his weakness.. awwwwwww


    • well, the Normcore trend does allow you to do 1-2 highly stylish, recognizable things from time to time in combination with the “normal” clothes. It’s supposed to highlight the quality of the “brand” item.

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  7. Well, of course he has 😎 No fashion sense…? Yeah, right! 😉


  8. I hadn’t heard that before either 🙂 Maybe it kind of goes with being an “antisocialite”? 😉


    • yeah, I think it’s probably just as much that normcore reflects one way he seems to dress frequently, as that it’s a hipster thing at the moment.


  9. […] (b) I am very uninterested in my own clothes or appearance. If I have a style it’s probably normcore. I hate shopping. So I tend to buy strong-quality items that are a bit more expensive and wear them […]


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