Mach was mit Herbst

So, this is lame, but here it is: It’s fall in Tampa and I think the high today was 87 F. That’s a little warm for here, but it’s an El Niño here so the winter is supposed to be mild but stormy.

I miss the real fall.

I’ll be moving back into that zone in just slightly over a month. But without the experience of fall, the winter will be a sudden shock.

I am determined not to repine or worry.

However, the crazy weather here makes things hard. I’ve got a severe fall cold, but it feels like a summer cold. It’s time for That Soup, though it still feels too warm to eat it.

I have, as usual, recruited my favorite Vietnamese takeout restaurant to support me.

This comes with a plate on the side with bean sprouts, Thai basil, jalapeños, and lime.

This comes with a plate on the side with bean sprouts, Thai basil, jalapeños, and lime.

Every time that delivery guy comes to my place, I find myself grateful again that people from Vietnam are willing to live in the United States. Thank you, Vietnamese people who have started these restaurants. I don’t know what I would do without you.

~ by Servetus on November 10, 2015.

14 Responses to “Mach was mit Herbst”

  1. I feel (some) of your pain. Fall is beautiful here in maple leaf country but I have come down with a mild fever that makes your skin and hair hurt and that nauseous feeling. Think I will call in sick tomorrow. Enjoy your soup.


  2. Pho to the rescue!


  3. I’m sorry for your cold and the fact that it’s too damn hot to enjoy your soup. It might be possible that I’m enjoying my first real fall enough for any three people, though, so I’ve got you covered there. 😉


  4. […] Servetus hat da wo sie zur Zeit lebt keinen ‘richtigen’ Herbst klick […]


  5. Thanks for your participation! A cold in warm weather is hell, I hope you’ll get well soon!!!


  6. Get well soon! We have pumpkin soup in autumn in all variations! Wonderful after a long walk……


  7. But the soup looks very yummy! Get well soon!


  8. The soup looks absolutely delicious! Hope it helps you feel better soon!


  9. Thanks for all the good wishes. Hydrating with tea and soup again. My voice is completely gone …


  10. Oh, so sorry you are feeling poorly! Somehow it not being really cold outside just tends to make it more miserable, gr. But looks like you are taking the right things, crossing fingers the soup will do the trick and that you’ll feel better soon! Take care of yourself xx


  11. The soup looks delicious. I always get sweet & sour soup when I’ve got a cold, along with Cold-EEZE, orange-carrot juice from Jamba Juice, and hot tea with brown sugar and evaporated milk (it sounds gross but is actually quite nice. I think Grandma came up with that one during the war). I hope you feel better, soon.


  12. Soup is one of the best things for a cold. Rest is another good thing.

    My contractor has been in Florida since July and is not returning until December. That is a heck of a time to return to New York. Winter is going to bite his ass.


  13. Thanks, guys.


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