Here’s the Urban and the Shed Crew Q&A

~ by Servetus on November 11, 2015.

11 Responses to “Here’s the Urban and the Shed Crew Q&A”

  1. Thanks!


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    Here’s the Urban and the Shed Crew Q and A! Thank you, Serv.


  3. Now I’m curious about the stories that were left out of the book, because not ever having lived in those conditions, even at my poorest, I can’t imagine it being worse.


    • Indeed.


      • I remember when I read Angela’s Ashes , being appalled life was so harsh and cruel  for people living in the 20th century. It was a fine book, I am glad I read it, but I don’t think I  can ever read it again–I found it too painful. Maybe Bernard was trying to not to overwhelm his readers with some of the worst incidents . . . because it was pretty gritty as written.


        • There’s also the question of what a publisher is willing to publish and what an audience will believe …


          • Yes, I thought of that, too.  A publisher wants something that’s marketable–it’s a business, after all– and if it’s non-fiction, it shouldn’t seem to be too far-fetched. A bit of a balancing act.


  4. I need subtitles for Bernard Hare, and I think it is more due to mumbling than his accent.


    • I had issues with understanding him at times, and I think for the same reason. My hearing isn’t what it used to be, but even with the volume cranked to the max I was straining to catch certain words. And I pride myself on being able to understand a variety of UK accents.


    • I’m not British either, and he is difficult to understand, but I listened to the recording a couple of times, and third time lucky, I believe I now got most of it.
      Bernard Hare is not used to being interviewed, and he’s rather soft spoken (also mumbles), so speaking into a microphone is awkward for someone who hasn’t done much of it, I mean in terms of how loud should you speak?


  5. Some great questions, and some equally great answers.


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