Let’s pay the bill at home for the wars we’ve already fought

Last year, with links to previous years.

Nowadays I spend comparatively more time with contemporary veterans. I used to worry about students who were going to be veterans, or the occasional one I ran across in my classes. Now I see one or two a week. They are all very different people with different experiences, needs, and desires. But so many of them are suffering. Unemployed or underemployed. People with very insecure housing. People with severe disabilities caused by war experiences such as sensory loss or distortion, cognitive effects and inability to concentrate, and very physical problems such as shaking.

I don’t know what these people would have become without war — but the fact that they have experienced war, and for my and our benefit, has changed their lives nonetheless.

Before we start another war, let’s pay what we owe to our own people from the last several. Let’s show respect and gratitude for these people’s services by fullying funding the VA.


~ by Servetus on November 11, 2015.

7 Responses to “Let’s pay the bill at home for the wars we’ve already fought”

  1. Well said.


  2. How true!!


  3. Here, here!!!


  4. Yes.


  5. Oh, I am fully on board with that!👏


  6. The effects of war really never heal, but they may lessen as the years go on. A lot of vets never talk about their war, as it is to painful to do so.


  7. Fully agree. The VA is in shambles.


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