Did you ever wonder what happened to Lee Preston?

I’m assuming he’s not in the script, but Cold Feet is returning to ITV.

Richard Armitage as Lee Preston in Cold Feet. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

Richard Armitage as Lee Preston in Cold Feet. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

~ by Servetus on November 22, 2015.

14 Responses to “Did you ever wonder what happened to Lee Preston?”

  1. Ha! No, I suspect his totty days are behind him. Probably just as well though I do have a lasting fondness for Lee, even when fully dressed. Apart from when wearing that terrible white crinkle shirt 😉


    • I wonder if he’s still single, or if he settled down? Or if he’s one of those older guys who hang around hitting on very young women?


  2. I was quite excited to hear about the new Cold Feet and wondered if they could weave Ramona in somehow. But I think it would be stretching even my optimistic nature to hope RA would reprieve Lee!

    It would be wonderful though wouldn’t it…


    • lthough Armitage’s abs are probably in better shape now than they were then, lol 🙂


      • He might have a ‘no speedos’ clause written in now though!

        Perhaps the lure of being able to hang out with old friends like Hermione and Jimmy will persuade him to reprise the role..


        • maybe although he didn’t have that for Dolarhyde. I actually think it might be fun for one episode, but his memories of that role may be different. I wonder if she’d squirt breath freshener in his ear this time.


  3. Maybe he became a sleezy fat bald dude, RA is no stranger to prosthetics lol!


  4. I imagine he’d be kind of a pervy older guy, hitting on much younger women!


  5. Funnily enough I only just changed my wallpaper to Lee some days ago (who has never made it there before)… http://richardarmitagecentral.co.uk/d/114472-1/vlcsnap-00139.jpg. He is such a saucy, irresistible flirt. So, so very bad as he has the tendency and talent to make us women abandon all our good intentions (against one’s better judgement!! 😉 This implies some disturbing facets). With Lee near by we are always threatened to collectively melt away…..
    Admitted, not being a teenager any more… cough….when looking at some of Lee’s pics, he still triggers a feeling of joy, of an easy-going playfulness, an unburdened friskiness, and that shamelessly indescribable sultry gaze of his desire… Sigh…
    I’d like to know how Lee Preston and Richard Armitage would get along now…. 😀


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