Who creates light — יוֹצֵר אוֹר

It’s Advent, and although I usually blog the Sundays in Advent I haven’t felt much like writing about that this year. Frankly, the news is just too depressing and yeah, as an inveterate news junkie, I probably read too much of it. When I read yet more details of what has happened in San Bernardino (and elsewhere) I become sadder and sadder for all of us — for a country that refuses to get its gun problem under control, for a world that refuses to get its refugee problem under control, for individuals who can’t get their religion problems of all stripes under control (so if you are thinking I am pointing my finger at Muslims, I’m not, I’m pointing at any of us who use religion as a reason to harm others — there are plenty of Christians and Jews who do this too and for all I know Buddhists and Hindus and so on), for people who seem to have to be mean for sport, to people who are so sensitive that they are provoked by every possible piece of meanness, sometimes to extreme reactions. For all the unmet need in the universe of every kind and all the evil that scarcity, most of which we make for ourselves, seems to provoke.


Most guiltily — sometimes I feel jealous of people who just let go of all of that negative emotion. One of the things that I resent about being an adult is the need to be an adult at all times.

This morning I was sitting in my favorite bagel shop here (a ritual which seems to have replaced the synagogue on Saturday mornings) observing a mother dressing her five-year-old daughter down for something-or-other, and someone yelling at the bagelista for making the wrong order and being out of Asiago bagels. I was reading the local paper, which was announcing a coming performance of the Hallelujah chorus. The article I read referred to the custom of standing during the Hallelujah chorus — and I just burst into sobs. Yeah, I know, the kitschiest classical music choice ever, and still.

I believe there are eternal forces in the world that shall reign forever and ever. I believe there are experiences that might draw us (or at least some of us) together, and I believe they still happen and can happen.

That force in the universe who forms light, please bring us light. Help me bring light.

[With apologies to Händel, this is actually the first movement of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio.]

~ by Servetus on December 6, 2015.

15 Responses to “Who creates light — יוֹצֵר אוֹר”

  1. Amen (((Serv)))


  2. Serv,
    Sending you massive thoughts of good will and hugs of support. In the face of all you mention, please know that will always be those of us who are here to stand with you. We care, we respect and we admire. Light comes, as it always will, like the sun to bring new hope. Even when it is dark where we are, the light continues to shine somewhere else in the world. I guess I mean by that it is always there even if we cannot see it.

    Wishing you and yours the best of everything, as always.



  3. The Hallelujah chorus always, always, brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. Yeah, it’s overdone, but it has not lost its power. Sending you hugs today (Sunday), the Feast of St. Nicholas.


    • I feel like it usually ends up having a tempo problem. It’s long and if you perform it with the necessary energy, it ends up being too fast and incomprehensible … but I agree, it’s a beautiful piece. Thanks for not laughing at my decision to post Bach instead.


  4. Yes, Servetus. ..light that shines in the darkness…both in all our souls and in the dark world so that we can endure AND spread light wherever we go. That is the prayer of many. Blessings of love and light to you.🎇


  5. Après la lumière dans la musique , par cette petite contribution , avant qu’il ne soit trop tard , j’aimerai parler de ” l’année internationale de la lumière 2015 ” par la symbolique de la lumière dans les vitraux . Je garderai une fascination pour les ondes ( mon sujet de thèse était la photosensibilsation ) .

    ROUGE: C’est une couleur des origines de la préhistoire. On peut l’obtenir à partir de l’or.
    * Il symbolise les vertus de force, courage, amour, passion, luxe, richesse * les vices d’ orgueil, cruauté, colère,violence .
    * Il évoque la sensation de chaleur. guerre, sang, enfer, vitesse, action .

    BLEU: Le bleu Lapis-lazuli, le plus recherché venait d’Afghanistan . Il existe toute sorte de bleu: indigo, azur, de Chartres…
    * Ses vertus sont loyauté, justice, sagesse, divinité, fidélité.
    * Il est associé au calme, à la sérénité, l’air, le froid, l’eau.

    VERT: Il est reposant et calme l’esprit.
    * « le bon vert », il est la couleur de chance, du destin, de jeunesse, de fertilité .
    * « le mauvais vert » celui de l’infidélité, du diable devant sa chute, ainsi que de la folie, du désordre, de la folie et de l’ avarice .
    * Il est le symbole de la nature, du sauvage, du végétal .

    * ” le bon jaune » exprime la joie, la bonne humeur, l’idéalisme , la richesse, la noblesse, la foi .
    * « le mauvais jaune » désigne les traîtres, les faussaires, les femmes adultères, les fous, l’avarice, la trahison, la paresse et l’envie .
    * Il symbolise l’or, le soleil .

    NOIR: Le noir (suie, charbon) est redouté car il évoque les ténèbres, il devient la couleur du deuil au XIVéme siècles au moment de la grande peste noire.
    * Ses vertus sont pénitence, pauvreté, humilité.
    * Ses vices sont deuil, désespoir, mort.

    BLANC: Elément de pureté et de paix .
    * Ses vertus sont pureté, justice, espérance, étérnité.
    * Ses vices sont mort, désespoir, ambiguïté.


    • After the light in music, by this small contribution, before it’s too late, I’d like to talk of the “2015 International Year of Light” by the symbolism of light in the windows. I will keep a fascination with waves (my thesis was the photosensibilsation).
      Have a great Advent


  6. happy hanukkah, serv


  7. Yes… (((Hugs)))


  8. No light today , all is black around me . What I have feared happened . I am ashamed of my fellow Frenchs , who have no memory and prefer fear, rebellion and hatred , than humanism .


  9. Thanks for the many positive wishes — may they carry over into 2016!


  10. […] I saw the first screening of BOTFA on the first night, with some special guests); in 2015, I was praying for light on the night before; 2016 was a Chrismukkah, and you can tell from my writing; in 2017, I was sobbing for joy over Doug […]


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