2015 at “me + richard armitage” in review, part one

I have probably spent less time looking at blog stats in 2015 than I ever did — partly because I had no time, partly because after I passed 5 million page views, much more than I ever expected I would do back when twenty people a day were reading the blog, I became much less interested in them.

WordPress.com always sends a “year in review” message which they suggest one should publish on the blog. I’ve never done that, but I usually have published a list of the most viewed posts written in that particular year. In 2015, the most viewed posts reflected very closely what I’d been thinking about blogging about Richard Armitage in 2015.

  1. Four pictures of Richard Armitage that some fans felt it was disrespectful of me to post (January 11, 2015). This is a never-ending controversy among fans — what is okay to post, what not?
  2. Could you dig the hole you put yourself in just a little deeper, Richard Armitage? (April 1, 2015). Response to Armitage’s request that fans make their tweets mum-and-child-safe.
  3. I wish you would turn the discussion on its head for once, Richard Armitage (December 19, 2015). Response to Armitage’s remarks in the Mirror interview.
  4. #RichardArmitage’s lunchtime buzzkill (June 4, 2015). Respond to Armitage’s first piece for Cybersmile.org.
  5. NYC Theater insider thinks “ancient play” will be Salome with Richard Armitage as Herod. Speculation on Armitage’s plans for a play with Yaël Farber (May 12, 2015).
  6. Trying to decide if should rescind my general approval of Richard Armitage’s footwear choices (April 21, 2015). Armitage’s purply shoes in the Toronto airport. Raised again the spectre of which photos may be published.
  7. This is why I hate you, Richard Armitage (January 15, 2015). Despite the title, possibly the most positive of the posts in the 2015 top ten.
  8. “Richard’s huge”: A few bullet points from Anna Madeley’s interview for Digital Theatre Plus (April 11, 2015). Summary of material behind a pay wall.
  9. “Switch the [Richard Armitage] off” (June 12, 2015). Response to Richard Armitage’s second piece for Cybersmile.org. This post reflected an absolute nadir for me in feelings about Armitage.
  10. How we make others feel about themselves (April 26, 2015). Discussion of the passive aggressive elements of the Golden Rule as they applied to one of Armitage’s prescriptions for fan behavior.

Now, this post makes the year look a particular way. If this were your picture of the blog, you might forget that I blogged weekly with a detailed discussion of Armitage’s performance in Hannibal — or that I also wrote over a dozen spoof posts — or that I started writing about the Armitage fandom as a religion. I also continued my sporadic news provision. None of those posts made the top thirty (the first year that a spoof post hasn’t made it into the top ten, incidentally).

To a greater extent — although this is not the whole story — I think these statistics reflect the fact that the top referrers this year (I think for the first time ever) were my own social media presence on other platforms. That would have been unthinkable five years ago (I didn’t even get Twitter until I’d been blogging for over a year, and didn’t use it much for that first year, either). I’m not saying that all of my readers come to me via those mechanisms (thanks to all of you diehards!) but I think casual readers do, so to some extent the “top ten” reflect the interest of casual readers more than the regulars, and what do casual readers click on? Controversy and news / gossip. I backed way off from news provision in 2015 (both out of necessity and out of inclination) and so there was a corresponding change in the sort of post that could be seen, as well as in the number of total page views, which was down from 2014 (which also relates to less constant news about and fewer big events in Armitage’s career). But as the Twitter audience grew (in particular) there has also been a qualitative change in the readership, I think. I was thinking today that I’m on something like the fourth generation of commentators in this tiny community, and it’s true. Out of the top five commentators, while one has been here almost from the beginning, the other four have been commenting eighteen months or so.

So what is the rest of the story? I did write these posts, and they did reflect my mood this year, and I would like to talk about that more. So that will be part two.

~ by Servetus on January 1, 2016.

23 Responses to “2015 at “me + richard armitage” in review, part one”

  1. Longtime reader, infrequent commenter here. Thank you for all that you do. I find your blog refereshing. 🙂


  2. I probably fall into the 18 +/- month reader catagory. I don’t comment a lot but I really enjoy and read everything. Sorry that your spoofs didn’t make the top ten this year because they were awesome! Wishing you all the best in the New Year and may luck be with you on your new journey 😊


  3. Hi Servetus 🙂
    I’ve been reading your blog for a little over a year, probably closer to two years now. I’ve never commented, but I do read everything, and I’m also reading my way backwards. I love your blog, and it’s not just because of Richard, though that was why I found it 🙂 You could probably stop writing about him and I’d still read, because I just enjoy your writing. It’s so refreshing, and I recognize myself many times in what you write. And you’re so good at writing things out. There’s many times you’ve actually made me understand something while making things out for yourself. I think you have an intellectual method of dealing with things which I don’t tend to use in the same way.
    I often agree with you and even when I don’t it’s interesting to read your points, and I always feel like I’m learning something.
    Thank you for your frankness and integrity. It’s inspiring.
    I’m quite shy and don’t know what to say most of the time, but I want you to know I read your posts, and you have my support from my corner of the world!
    Happy New Year! And I hope so much that this new adventure leads you in a happy and fulfilled direction! Take care of yourself 🙂


    • Aaaw — thanks for the comment and welcome. I appreciate your kind words, and hope you’ll have a great new year, too. Now that you’ve broken the ice, hope to see you here again.


  4. Looking forward to your next posts. Happy New Year. 🙂


  5. It’s good to know I didn’t miss any 😉 I’m looking forward to more discussions in 2016. Happy New Year Servetus!


  6. Since I followed you I have always read your reviews, however, It took me a while to comment but have always enjoyed perspective on each subject. It has been an interesting year. Looking forward to much more in 2016. Happy New Year to you with lots of kindness and smiles.


    • Please don’t think I want to guilt you into commenting — blogging without guilty only works if the readers feel the same way. I just thought it was an interesting pattern.


  7. Happy New year. I can’t believe I missed a couple of these the first time around. Fun reading all of them. My personal favourites are the posts that cause APM advocates to go ballistic. May the coming year bring plenty of polite policing and cordial controversy. Or not. 🙂


    • If I were truly malevolent — well, let’s just say the whole thing is very predictable. Heading into six years of this, I think all bets are off 🙂


  8. I’ve been reading now for around three years. I think. Happy New Year to you! I definitely make an attempt to read every post even if it’s just quickly skimming it.


  9. Thank you for posting these links. I tend to ‘waft’ in and out of the forums and blogging so I miss a lot. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and find them thought provoking and interesting. To Kathy above, I had to look up what ‘APM’ was, and after a search which lead me way off track, I found the meaning. As a long time blogger and RA fan, I have found APM both stifling and at times nasty. Thankyou Serv for your thoughtful posts – I hope 2016 turns out to be a fulfilling year for you especially after the move.


  10. Thank you for several years of healthy (literally !) eskapizm, ((Serv)).
    Take care!


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  12. […] to this site was roughly the same as it was in 2015 (both were significantly down from 2014). Here were the 2015 “most viewed” posts. Without further ado, here are the “most viewed” ones published in […]


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