Picture from Pilgrimage


~ by Servetus on January 11, 2016.

23 Responses to “Picture from Pilgrimage”

  1. Thank you for posting.
    Just watching the pictures of David Bowie’s fans from Berlin. So sad, but uplifting to hear peoples stories of how he inspired so many.


  2. Wonder if this one will ever see the light of day?? Hope so — this is my kind of movie 🙂


  3. Thanks for the heads up. Chain mail, helmets, swords, forest, hostess and RA. Looks like a winner to me.


  4. I can hardly wait to see it, although, my mind went straight to Monty Python. It must be the expressions and the chain mail. C’mon trailer.


  5. I love movies set in this time period, so will look forward to seeing it. I hope it does not have the trouble of “Sleepwalker” in getting released. I am sure it won’t.


  6. I am so looking forward to seeing this film. Although, with it being about monks and knights, I wonder if there will be any meaty roles for women in the film? I live in hope.


  7. Reblogged this on Unkraut vergeht nicht….oder doch? and commented:

    Welcher davon ist nun Mr. Armitage????
    Na wurscht, das Bild gibt jedenfalls Hoffnung, daß er nicht in den ersten fünf Minuten abgemurkst wird 😉


  8. It’s nice to receive regular updates on the progress of Pilgrimage. Gives me hope that we will see something new this year…


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