Richard Armitage is still unflappable

Excerpt from David Copperfield here. Listen for words like “pretty” and “Pegotty.” On Richard Armitage’s (non-) relationship with the alveolar flap, here, and the posts that link to that one.

~ by Servetus on February 5, 2016.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage is still unflappable”

  1. Yes, he’s still got it 🙂 I did think at the very beginning in Chimes which i am nearly done with (truly and once and fro all 😉 ) that there were an awful lot of ‘t’s and the rest had softened a bit too much for my liking but once the characters where speaking it was all as it should be and we were back on track 🙂 Listening to him read always makes me desperately wish he would go back to the stage soon… sigh.
    As an aside – i am pretty sure the kind of articulation and pronunciation which is both clean and clear in him but also in quite a few actors from around here has much to do with their training and the emphasis of training for theater. It is something i greatly appreciate as a non-native speaker when i go to see a play. Training plus RSC experience in a lot of them really brings out the language and makes it alive and natural to listen to. I never struggle to understand, no matter how fast or loud they speak. These last few years as i’ve been going more and more to the theatre, i’ve come to appreciate in a much more profound way how beautiful English can really be 🙂


    • He started much earlier, from the beginning of his time at Pattisons. His remarks at his head teacher’s funeral included him quoting from her report on him, remarking on his Grad 5 speech examination.

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      • That explains how he can read such intricate text so well quite fast i think. I wish i knew how long it takes for people to record audiobooks but i get the feeling just from the amazing consistency of the reading that he doesn’t often stop and re-do. I always feel his amazing abilities are somewhat underused on the big screen, well aside from Hannibal that is 🙂 I think the speech part of that role almost fascinated me more than the physical one.


  2. Oh, the voice indeed. There was a line in RH where he says to Marian that he thought he would never..she asks What? and he says “kiss you” and that Kiss you…the s’ are drawn out and the ” you” sounds like is so sexy. His pronunciation makes it indeed “ear candy”. So many words that sound so sweet. You just get lost in the maze of dropped t’s and a’s that sound like o’s its wonderful.


  3. His vowels make me giddy.


  4. […] Listen to him say “Twitter.” On the ongoing persistence of the rejection of the alveolar flap, see here. […]


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