Well I downloaded it anyway


~ by Servetus on February 9, 2016.

7 Responses to “Well I downloaded it anyway”

  1. 36 hours and 36 minutes… a bit daunting… but so far so good for me! (I’m 1 hr in)


  2. Today it’s the DMV so, since it would be a pain to transfer this to DVDs I can listen to in my car, I doubt I’ll get to it. Work all day tomorrow. Thursday, maybe …


  3. Me too, as soon as it came out.. some things we get for their sentimental value, rather than their usability 😉 When i saw the length it dampened my wish to start, but i like hoarding it, the commute to work is ongoing so this will get used at some point. I know i’ll cave soon to the impulse to hear his voice in my ear 😉


  4. I think it would be less of an annoyance if I belonged to the group of people who don’t mind having earbuds in their ears. Unfortunately, that drives me crazy — makes my ears itch and ache. So I really can only listen to it if I’m in a cafe using headphones — and then I usually listen to music — or if I am doing something in the house and kind of hanging around my computer — until I make CDs of it. I know that their business model doesn’t want to sell you concrete media, but it’s a huge hassle for me that they don’t just sell the CDs. Luckily, however, I’m not burning to listen to this one.


  5. I downloaded it yesterday, but it was a long workday so have not had a chance to listen yet. Looking forward to it tho 😀


  6. I’m leaving this one alone. I have never warmed to audio books – I drift and lose the thread of the story. I’ve even drifted when it’s Richard’s voice. I hope you all enjoy it!


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