Richard Armitage dedicates his performance in David Copperfield


~ by Servetus on February 10, 2016.

16 Responses to “Richard Armitage dedicates his performance in David Copperfield”

  1. I forgot how beautiful he is.


  2. I love that he carries so much of his life with him actively into each day. He is thoughtful and expressive of very many beautiful emotions. Seems he never forgets moments and people. An attentive friend and careful human being. Love the deliberate way he expresses himself! Never met a man of his caliber in real life.


  3. Oh God… I want this men for mi!!!!!!


  4. I do love that man!


  5. Beautiful thoughtful man,inside and out.


  6. And what lovely thoughts he has.


    • Such a sweet and emotional thing to do and i’m glad he decided to share that thought. I’m starting to think he really likes the books as well, or appreciates much about it..
      Beautiful reminder of why i like him a lot too.


  7. Anyone would be honored to have such a friend as he. That was lovely.


  8. A lovely window into the man and the performance, even more so as these seem more rare these days…..


  9. I think Fritha Goodey’s death probably has stuck in the minds of many people. This was a nice thing to do.


  10. Such a sweet gesture to a friend who obviously suffered.


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