Richard Armitage discusses the attractions of Dickens to actors


~ by Servetus on February 12, 2016.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage discusses the attractions of Dickens to actors”

  1. Such a delight to hear him speaking and sharing his thoughts and challenges he encountered. And last, but not least, I love his smiles ❤ sighs

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  2. Ah, wonderful. Mr A very eloquent and articulate again, allowing us to hear some of his thoughts about the book and the characters. And boy, is he good with voices. We all know that – but Mr Creakle!? That is just brilliant. It takes imagination to actually create a voice, even if Dickens describes it in detail. I think that is one of Armitage’s greatest accomplishments as an audio book narrator – the versatility of his imagination, the ability to transform the imagined voice into an actual sound, and doing so with his own body.
    Also – maybe it is just me, but there were a few keywords in this little interview that really jumped out at me. Nurturing, protector, empathy. Big Papa Armitage. He is spot on, of course. David does elicit exactly those feelings; he has been written that way. But it seems as if Armitage really focuses on those themes.
    Thanks for posting this here, Serv – I would’ve missed it otherwise.


    • I was touched by the bit about how he considered himself David’s “protector as his narrator”. He’s mentioned feelings of protectiveness with other characters too, such as Guy and I believe also Lucas. I can’t help but wonder how many other actors feel such a personal bond with their characters. I’m loving these little snippets from Audible ❤

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      • The snippets are actually really nice in this case – because RA has got something to say, and he has obviously thought about these things.
        The protectiveness towards the character – I find it sort of logical that an actor would do that. But then again, I know nothing about acting and the acting process…

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  3. Oh, what a gem of a little interview. As soon as I heard Mr. Creakle, I positively LONGED to see a visual on RA as he was performing that voice. And here it is!! Aside from the many unique and distinctive voices he does, I do think one of RA’s talents as a narrator is in his ability to interpret and then deliver subtle humor with just the right amount of irony in the tone, i.e. when young Davie is swindled by the waiter at a stop along the way to the boarding school. This was great- thanks for sharing!


  4. I just saw the interview Richard gave..I cannot wait to hear the book. Looking forward to receiving my copy.


  5. This was a fun segment, I agree!


  6. Beautiful man who excels at the “work” he does because he truly believes and loves Dickens’ characters. As their narrator it is his honor and privilege to bring them to where he believes they should stand in the literary world.


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