What’s gotten into me, Guy?

I buy fan stuff. If I retrace the early steps of this blog, I remember that it used to make me feel guilty — the amount of money I was spending. When I bought the region-free DVD to be able to watch UK DVDs, two months into Armitagemania, it was such a step that it seemed worthy of recognition. Then the first time that I spent significant money on acquiring fan stuff, two years in, I wrote thousands of words about it.

Eventually it stopped being an issue, although many of these purchases were still accompanied by angst. And I have fan friends who would never spend anything more than a trivial amount on fangirling, which I respect. The decision about which object to obtain is always symbolic, although I don’t always realize what they stand for. Honestly, at the very latest the decision to spend a lot of money to go to London (something I’d speculated on from the first summer I was a fan) really should have extinguished the idea that I still had any qualms.

But one bug still hadn’t bitten. Most of my very first fan friends had some kind of relationship with Guy of Gisborne stuff, namely, the Guy of Gisborne action figure. Some fan pages devoted significant time to Little Guy (as he was often called) fan art — when the Thorin action figure appeared, we frequently saw them appear together. This activity has mostly ceased, and lately the main Armitage figure I see around is the FUNKO POP Thorin. Makes sense — he’s easy to pose, and he has a suitably mysterious expression that makes him suitable for every occasion. We used to regularly see Guy of Gisborne action figure giveaways in the fandom. All that has abated.

I always said that I felt no need to get a Guy of Gisborne figure. It’s true — I never entered those giveaways, never searched on eBay for a figure.

Yeah — so what is up? In honor of my birthday, a Guy of Gisborne action figure has come all the way from England to live with us.


According to Guy’s package, he’s ten years old, but he doesn’t seem at all the worse for wear. In fact this Guy is in better shape than the SO NOT DEAD character he personified.

I shelled out extra, not for the package so much as for the complete figure — several that I saw on eBay were missing their swords. And what would Guy of Gisborne be without his huge sword?

I was prepared to be disappointed, because of this commentary from the horse’s mouth in 2008:

But looking at Little Guy’s face, I find myself disagreeing. It’s almost remarkably like Armitage and much more so than any of the Thorin Oakenshield action figures have typically been.


Closeup of Little Guy (still in package).

I wish I could get a better picture of the nose. It actually really strongly resembles Richard Armitage’s nose. But to do that, I’d have to take him out of the pacakge, and I haven’t “gotten that far” yet. Which is a little strange. I did buy it to play with so I am wondering why I am concerned about the packaging.

Well, one bright side — at least so far, I don’t feel the need to get the superposeable horse, which is really rare.

Although, thinking of this:

Maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon. As one of the sexiest moments in Robin Hood, period, it’s brought me to my verbal knees before. Others have found that moment inspiring, too.

~ by Servetus on February 22, 2016.

28 Responses to “What’s gotten into me, Guy?”

  1. Was für eine schöne Überraschung, so ein kleiner Guy 🙂


  2. You’re right he looks pretty good. I think you need the horse too, though 😄


  3. I know the feelings you describe on spending money for fangirl reasons. I also had some issues at the beginning, when so many things made me be like “Oh, that would look good on my shelf, too!” and “Doesn’t this look nice? Maybe …” It makes someone seem a little possessive – my personal highlight was getting my parents to get the Erebor Lego set for me on my 25th birthday (and that isn’t really a cheap one) + little Lego Thorin extra. And you know what? I love it! It’s not about getting stuff, it’s about the meaning it has for you. No need for issues 😉

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  4. I need one. Bad.

    Oh. And happy birthday!


  5. Go for the horse as well. What’s a Guy without his super poseable horse? 😉

    RA is being self-deprecating as usual 🙂 And I think he’s got one himself – Just look at his reaction when asked about it (priceless) – and he completely forgets to RP. This must be his native dialect coming out.


    • In most of this interview, his vowels are not quite at RP. It’s one of the things that makes it one of his sexier interviews (also, strangely, that he seems to be barely tolerating it at some points).


  6. Feeling nostalgic for Guy? I know I am. I haven’t seen a lot of RA’s post-RH work other than The Hobbit, but IMHO (despite the fact RH was a silly little show) Guy is still the most complex character played by RA. He really was one hot, smoldering mess. BTW: Go for the gusto and get the horse 🙂


    • Nat felt similarly, i think — Guy was the only character she really missed.

      OK, I’ll start at least searching for the horse 🙂


  7. I love my little Guy. I have one in the package and one that is not that I can have on my desk. It took me a long time to get my hands on the horse. I bought all my items through eBay. I think it’s a good likeness, and I’m very happy to have one.


    • I’ve heard before that the horse is hard to find. Is this because it was more popular, or more expensive so there were less of them produced?


  8. I just saw this figure yesterday on facebook (someone said she also had Marian, Sheriff and Robin) and thought there is no resemblence to RA. Now, maybe, I would agree on ears and nose, and chin, but overall… Something on his face doe not add up. Maybe I am wrong 🙂


    • His face is too long and thin, I think. But other than that, I was really surprised. Particularly at the quality of the reproduction of the nose.


  9. I only own a Lego Thorin, and I’m okay with that choice. I’d rather have a theatre experience than a collectible in my current fangirling state. Wanna breathe the same air.


    • Not rhat I don’t appreciate your Guy, I certainly do…and I fondly remember the scene you linked…had to shut my open mouth. My kids were watching with me…😆😮


  10. I think “little Guy” is great and wouldn’t mind one myself, and oh, yeah, that scene of him on the horse..well……..shut my mouth!! grrrrrr.


  11. Happy Birthday and have fun with little Guy.
    While I have 3 Lego Thorin (one from each movie), Pop Thorin, and both 3 inch & 6 inch action Thorin; alas no genuine Guy figure only fake ‘Lego Guy’. However I have wondered if you could convert a Pop Jon Snow into a Pop Guy.


  12. Congratulations on obtaining a Guy doll. I absolutely love 💗 it, and maybe will try to find one someday. I have a whole lot of Thorin stuff that I did not purchase for myself. Meaning the Hubs bought it all for me. I confess tho, I went a little overboard (okay, maybe a hell of a lot overboard) buying stamps and postcards out of New Zealand, but the hubs has a stamp collection and I could justify it from that angle. Plus we both sent Hobbit postcards to friends and family. He scoffed when I framed a whole sheet of Thorin stamps to hang up in the house. He asked why we had to have “that guy” as he used to call him, hanging up in his house. Heehee I insisted it wasn’t “that guy” it was Thorin. He let it go, especially when I reminded him that I never would have read the Hobbit if it were not for him insisting I do so when we were dating. All his fault. 😈 The PoP Thorin is my favourite of them all at this point. And yet, it would be the coolest thing ever, if I could have a PoP Guy of Gisborne. That is the big fat illicit fantasy anyway, but maybe a Guy doll with sword and/or horse would be better? Have to think about that one. In the mean time, I am satisfied by looking at yours for the moment. Thank you for sharing him. (sigh)


    • I’m in heavy to the NZ post as well — I really love that stuff even if I will not use it for its intended purpose.

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      • Hahaha – I know what you mean. I have mailed a bunch of the postcards (if nothing else, to alleviate my guilt for buying so much) and so has the hubs because his whole family has always been into Tolkien. One of his bros actually made his family room into a Hobbit village. I keep asking for picks, but have never gotten any.
        Oh, I also made certain to keep a whole set of postcards with the Hobbit stamps in hubs stamp collection book. They sure did a pretty🎀 job with them.


  13. Congrats on the new addition 🙂 I have to giggle at the ‘super poseable’ What do their think people do with these? 🙂 But i agree the Guy without his sword would not be the same. The Guy on a horse is on another level completely.. that video is just…


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