A German/English joke for the Richard Armitage who used to set his farts on fire

Does anyone else have funny German / English word jokes — homonyms shared between the languages that call up unplanned associations?

This is one of my favorites — it’s the word for an exit on the Autobahn. It’s a noun from the verb ausfahren — to drive (fahren) out (aus). Unfortunately (the spelling difference notwithstanding), every time I saw it, something entirely different came to mind. And I know I’m not the only U.S. American who’s ever made this association.


Ein Ausfahrtsschild zeigt am Freitag (31.10.2008) östlich von Walburg das Ende der Autobahn A44 Kassel - Eisenach an. Gut ein halbes Jahr nach dem grünen Licht des Bundesverwaltungsgerichts für den Weiterbau der Autobahn hat das höchste deutsche Verwaltungsgericht den Bau vorerst wieder gestoppt. In einem am Freitag veröffentlichten Beschluss ordneten die Richter die «aufschiebende Wirkung» einer Klage des hessischen Bundes für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) an. Damit darf am Abschnitt 32 zwischen Hessisch Lichtenau-Ost und Waldkappel-Hasselbach, einer von elf Teilstrecken, vorerst nicht gebaut werden. Foto: Uwe Zucchi dpa/lhe (zu lhe 7134 vom 31.10.) +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

Foto: Uwe Zucchi dpa/lhe (zu lhe 7134 vom 31.10.) +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++

Not everyone’s going to have them, but if you do, would you let me know yours?

~ by Servetus on February 23, 2016.

58 Responses to “A German/English joke for the Richard Armitage who used to set his farts on fire”

  1. playing with fire, I like that


  2. I absolutely giggled every time I saw one of these in German-speaking Switzerland (never been to Germany.) And I’m not even really a fan of that kind of humor. It’s just that powerfully funny, I guess.


    • yeah, me either, it’s a super crude joke, which is not my style, but something about this one …

      the German word is actually “Furze.” So Germans are mystified if you ever tell them about this one.


  3. Ich musste erst eine Weile grübeln, dann kam’s mir 😀 Aber ist doch klar, der Furz fährt aus. Alles total passend und logisch 😂


  4. The Ausfahrt jokes never really comvinced me as a native speaker. But I can’t help but laugh about inadvertantly dirty jokes. My favourite geo graphical joke in Germany are those two neighbouring villages near Bremerhaven called Hymendorf and Fickmühlen (essentially ‘hymen village’ and ‘fuck mills’). I am surr the etymology is quite different from what I see in it, but the naughty misinterpretation is plain fun!!!
    Oh, and there are plenty of fnarr-fnarr type of place name jokes in Ireland. I.e. there is that coastal village called Muff in Co. Galway. Even better, it is the home of the Muff Diving Club… Now, I wonder whether Mr A actually came across that when he filmed in Connemara. It was pretty close to some of his locations…


  5. Mwahahahaha! Also love the two town names Guylty mentions!
    Can’t think of any examples right now off the top of my head but will let you know when something pops up. 🙂


  6. that is the tiniest “halle” I have ever seen.


  7. Late to comment: We have – Humpybong, in QLD; Jimcumbilly in NSW; Mount Buggery in Vic.; Poowong, Vic; Yorkeys Knob, QLD. I’m sure the list goes on ….. :). Richard Armitage is welcome to work here anytime he likes – sense of humour intact. I’m sure they may have had fun with some of the names in NZ. Whakapapa Ski Area to name one – the Maori pronounciation for ‘wh’ is ‘f’; ‘a’ pronounced ‘aah’ which can cause a bit of a stumble for the unintitiated.


  8. […] tells the standard American “Ausfahrt” joke, which would be less funny if it weren’t such a frequent, bordering on universal, American […]


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