Strong praise for Richard Armitage as Emmy candidate

I honestly don’t believe that the Emmys are going to reward Hannibal for anything, but this was wonderful to read.

~ by Servetus on March 12, 2016.

9 Responses to “Strong praise for Richard Armitage as Emmy candidate”

  1. It is wonderful that someone recognizes the immense talents of Richard and you are probably right that he nor Hannibal will be rewarded at the Emmys for anything. But it was indeed lovely to read.


  2. That was indeed a fantastic article to read. Wonderful to know that someone appreciated the immense acting talent of Richard, but you are right, I too doubt very much that Hannibal will get rewarded for anything. Sad but true.


  3. Wow! That was an awesome article. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Thank you so very much for sharing this article that many of us would not have been able to read otherwise! You’re a star! Thrilled to bits to read such praise given to Richard. He absolutely deserves such accolades of course. His talents blow me away so I find it very sad indeed that he in all likelihood won’t win. 😦


  5. […] to Servetus on Me and Richard for posting a link to this article suggesting that Richard Armitage should receive an Emmy […]


  6. I agree with you that Hannibal will likely be overlooked, but that is more in the nominations than the awards. If he were to be nominated, I think he’d have as good a chance as anyone else.


  7. Amazing to read. Happy that someone else with a credible claim to this sort of knowledge concurs with OUR knowledge of Richard and his craft! He deserves so much more in recognition, but this definitely tastes sweet!


  8. Thanks for letting me read the artical, and many your right..But,I’m still gone keep my fingers and toes crossed.I think he deserves something.
    Sorry I’m not able to quote on this as often as I would like, the hospital keeps me jumping, but I read everything. Sometimes you all are my only link to what’s what in his carrear lately. Thanks again.


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