The radio turns itself on in the morning and what do I even say?

Praying for the people of Belgium.

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) reels from an explosion that killed Ros at the end of Spooks series 8.

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) reels from an explosion that killed Ros at the end of Spooks series 8.

~ by Servetus on March 22, 2016.

26 Responses to “The radio turns itself on in the morning and what do I even say?”

  1. I noticed the news during a string of meetings this morning and have found it difficult to focus ever since… It’s just horrid and it won’t go away in the near future whatever we do… 😦

  2. It is actually tactless and gross to attach a Spooks pic to comments on todays events in Belgium.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way. That isn’t, however, how I feel and it was not meant that way. This is an ad hominem post, see comments policy, and you are now on moderation. If you want to make an argument you are free to do so but please refrain from personal attacks on me and others.

      • “Art imitates life”. I thought the photo was appropriate for your blog. My deepest sympathies to the victims and the Belgian people.

        • Yeah, there’d be no problem if I’d posted a picture from a Shakespeare play, but because it’s popular drama it’s offensive? I don’t believe it.

          In any case, yes. A horrible day. My favorite bars are now all posting pictures of Belgian flags (Belgium is big in the beer world.)

  3. It’s incomprehensible. There are no words…’s certainly very hard to focus at work today.

  4. Just reminded me of your last post.

  5. It’s getting closer to home which makes it so scary. A colleague of mine had meetings at the EU this morning, obviously those were all cancelled.

    Paris (I used to live there, and have quite a couple of friends who live around the concert venue that was attacked) was already a shock. My worry is that now all those people fleeing from these terrorists will suffer the most. It is another sad day. 😦

    • Yes — as usual, the game of victim blaming will continue. And we refuse to see how we create the situations that facilitate this kind of thing by failing to solve problems of very, very long duration …

    • Les personnes en détresse, choquées par cette violence, pour se rassurer malheureusement se retourneront vers les démagogues, les populistes, qui prônent plus de frontières, de murs, de repli sur soi.
      Les communautés, dont sont issus ces terroristes, seront stigmatisées à tord.

      • yeah, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a peaceful resident of Molenbeek at the moment. Doubly frightening.

        • Par communauté je pensais aux origines “ethniques” récentes ou anciennes, voire aux appartenances religieuses …

        • Indeed.
          I’m worried about the increased panic too. Today all tube stations I had to use were even more visibly staffed with armed police. And earlier I heard that it’s now being discussed to have security checks even before people enter the airport building. How this is feasible in reality – I don’t know.

          • No idea how that could work in Europe. I know how it was at a lot of American airports in September 2001 — you couldn’t drive your car up to the airport directly anymore, you were dropped off and checked before you got close, or if dropped off at the entry you had to identify yourself and got a preliminary x ray before you entered the building.

        • Yes, but I believe they live among highly civilised people there.

          • True — I shake to think of what would happen if that city was in the US.

          • Oui, mais pour combien de temps encore! La peur peut devenir une mauvaise conseillère.
            Yes, but STILL how long! Fear can become a bad adviser.

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