Richard Armitage still devastatingly attractive


Screen shot 2016-03-30 at 10.03.24 AM

~ by Servetus on March 30, 2016.

65 Responses to “Richard Armitage still devastatingly attractive”

  1. I know! How is it possible? Does he have a secret youth potion stashed somewhere?
    BTW, I like how you’ve cropped the picture. I’m staying out of the controversy.

  2. Yep. Sure is.

  3. Clever plan.
    Hot man. Annoyingly attractive.

  4. In Germany we call ist: Das Beste daraus machen (bringing the best out of it) 😁 Well done Serv!

    • Servetus konzentriert sich eben auf das Wesentliche. Den ablenkenden Aktionismus lässt sie außen vor. Sehr weise 😉

  5. I believe handsome men actually tend to get better looking as they age, there is just something about maturing that becomes sexier.

  6. i am sure there is a painting hidden away in his attic, which we should never see 😉 and they have a good hairstylist on that set

  7. This is a vastly improved version of the original photo, thank you

  8. sigh

  9. This and a phone call from someone special. My day is made.

  10. I could spend every waking minute just admiring his face….

  11. Thank you for sharing a pretty picture of a pretty man. I will l stay away from controversy , but it could be explained by the electricity running into Richard’s head by way of the steel rod implanted in his skull. 🙂

    • OMG — good point! He’s been turned into a zombie!

      • Right, that’s why he looks so good. Zombies don’t age. (Just decompose.)

        • eventually, his ear will crumble off.

          • True, but the cold weather in Berlin will slow the process. Could take quite a long time for bits to fall off.

            • Oh please! I don’t want to think of any of his “bits” falling off! 😦 Avoiding the “controversy” like the plague, but engrossed in the Pretty 😉 Thanks Serv!

              • I don’t think any of them actually will fall off. Well, except when they pull that steel rod out of his head. (Just kidding). The pretty is great!

                • I guess because I am very active with our local humane society and deal with enough sad stories (although many ultimately have a happy ending, thanks to kind-hearted and generous souls) I don’t want to get into the middle of any activism controversy. I just want to keep on doing what I do to help where and how I can and to make my little corner of the world a better place for people and pets.  And I am not going to attempt to browbeat anyone into anything and appreciate it if they show the same consideration for me.  I can, however, always find time to appreciate the beautiful in life. 😀 And for me that includes Mr. Armitage and our rescue animals, including  this feline menagerie that has graciously allowed us to live with them. 😉

                  • Sounds like a great plan. I’m fairly sure no one in the fandom likes to see animals suffering (or be aware that they are).

                    • I am also certain that is the case, Serv. From what I have experienced, most fans  seem to have compassionate and kind hearts. Several have been very supportive of my personal efforts to improve animal welfare here. Who knows, some of them may very well have adopte  or will  adopt rescues that started out in my neck of the woods! Because the supply exceeds the demand , we  have animals going to homes in the N ortheast, Midwest and quite a few to sunny Florida. 😀 

                  • I agree. I just think this needs to be put into perspective. All the animals that are suffering and the focus is now on a chimpanzee. I tend to prefer animals more than humans at times and have the biggest love of animals, but take this energy and focus on what you can within your scope.

                    • I have chronic health conditions that really effect my daily allowance of energy and my  ability to focus and concentrate. I have to be choosy about the causes  I champion and battles I fight. So as the old Carly Simon song says, “I haven’t got time for the pain, haven’t got room for the pain . . .” Or all the drama. 😉  And yes, there are times when I look at humankind and very much  prefer my furry friends’ company.

  12. Still? XD I don’t know what would it take for me to not consider him always devastatingly handsome ❤

  13. J’espère qu’il n’aura pas la triste destinée de notre fameuse ex star française Brigitte Bardot : égérie de la cause animale, elle aussi.
    I hope he will not have the sad fate of our famous former French star Brigitte Bardot: muse of the animal cause, too.

  14. I don’t know what the controversy is and don’t have time to think about it anyway. So I am not. However, I should mention that my hubs thinks he is an ugly man. But then, my hubs thinks all dudes are gross and insists he would be a lesbian if he was a woman cause men are gross. Needless to say, I do not think that way at all. RA has gotten better with age, sort of like wine. It is totally not fair how some people look better and better. I like the wrinkles around his eyes too, but mostly the whole package is good. No criticism here. 😀

    • LOL, I actually had gay male friends who said something similar once (I’d have a sex change and be a lesbian for her …).

      • You know, I’ve actually known a few transgender folks and a couple I’ve had more interaction with have been men to women who are lesbians. I walked in on a couple in the bathroom at a party once back in the early 90s and felt really embarrassed. For the record, it wasn’t the fact that I knew the transgender person, but that they were in an intimate moment, albeit at a big party. I would have felt the same, and have w/hetero couple too. ☺️

  15. That is a very intense and debonair gaze. I would certainly wither and babble if ever he looked at anything in my vicinity with that look. Aging with TREMENDOUS style and grace. I also appreciate your “crop ” – thanks for the links to provide information, however!

  16. Love the way you made lemonade out of a lemon…hehe

    • I figure it’s only fair. If she’s abusing fans to enhance her adrenaline rush I ought to at least get a picture of Armitage out of it, no? 🙂

      • Wholeheartedly agree. I’m likening the situation to having a co-worker in the office always hitting up others for donations for her kids various interests.

  17. Maybe I should hold up a sign asking for help paying the $3,000 vet bill I got last week for saving my cat. Think if I Tweeted it she would respond?

    • wow, poor cat.

      • I feel for you, Vals Gal. I hope your cat is going to be OK.  I honestly wish we  had pet insurance but don’t think we can afford it  for eight cats, one dog AND two humans.

        • Thank you. She is doing much better and slowly gaining back some of the weight she lost. One trip to the ER, one ultrasound and biopsy, and two days at the vet office with an IV and various other procedures adds up quickly. The thing that sucks is that we don’t know what caused all the problems. Yes, insurance is expensive, and you sound like my parents with all their cats and dogs.

          • Bless her heart, she has really been through it. We actually were down to two cats and one dog, and then my husband took an alternate route to work one morning and discovered a boxful of kittens of assorted ages who had been dumped on a creek bank.  Some were more tame than others and it took us a while to get all eight to our house (had to borrow TNR crates). Sadly, three of them ended up passing away (vet said it was basically a failure to thrive and nothing we did or didn’t do, but I still cried like a baby) but we have the remaining five and they have all been spayed/neutered now. And a cat that was rehomed with us after his human had to go into assisted living, and who promptly knocked the screen out of a window and  ran away, has returned to us after 18 months out on his own here in the country. Big ol’ sweet long-haired black kitty who is enjoying the good life again. Our Prodigal Son.

  18. Mr. Richard Armitage is so hauntingly handsome. sometimes when I see pictures of Mr. Richard Armitage it is so adorable when you look at his eyes and sometimes his smile and there is a little bit of mischief in his look( like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar)

  19. When is he going to reach peak hotness? I thought he couldn’t get any hotter than Thornton but 12 years later he continues to prove me wrong. As for the tweet, I’ll unashamedly admit that I’m mostly in it for his face and body. Just carry on being beautiful, Richard.

  20. This just had me literally laughing out loud as I did not quite expect this restraint! LOL!
    And yes, he does remain gorgeous. 🙂

    • Oh, I was aggravated by this, but in the end, he didn’t retweet it, so my aggravation with him kept itself within limits. Also I had a lot of things to do yesterday in a limited amount of time …

  21. At first, I didn’t know what it was about. One can say that this incident has enlightened me, which is positive, but only superficially, which is not that positive. I don’t want to put my foot in it; I was/am too tired and busy to come of with something substantial to say, and the argumentation has to be to the point, I believe.
    I feel so, so very sorry for the lonely chimp, for anything/anyone living that is mistreated. Awareness should be raised. It’s a sign of the times; we’re on the brink of a major change in terms of animal welfare: In Denmark, eggs from caged hens no longer sell, and there’s a massive movement to reduce the transporting time of animals that will end up on our dining tables. It’s a great/fantastic development.
    Now to the negative part: I was thrown by the name-calling – and I still don’t know if these people are responsible or not. I’ll get there eventually; just not right now. There you have it – my very short two cents’ piece.

    • I think, given the fact that the person who started the discussion was willing to accelerate immediately to outrage / outrage behaviors, anyone who responds in anyway ends up looking like the loser. Saying, “hey, let’s think about this again” raises the possibility that you don’t love animals enough. And since I will probably never love animals anywhere near as much as animal rights activists (since I admit that I eat them, and nothing can possibly make up for that), there’s nothing I can say that doesn’t already put me in the doghouse (so to speak). The whole thing was annoying.

      • I didn’t expect a comment to my comment. Thanks anyway 🙂
        You’re right. No matter what we do, we will always be labelled. “Oh, she doesn’t love animals enough”. I have a friend who lobbies for a Danish animal protection agency (a NGO working for animal welfare and safety), and she eats animals. To say she doesn’t love animals enough would be a grave misconception, but there are levels to how much one wants to ride this particular bandwagon.
        ’nuff said on the subject – off to new pastures 😉

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