English translation of Fuerteventura article #richardarmitage

[Original here. It’s my impression that Google translate Spanish is pretty good, but here’s a rough translation anyway.]
This April, Fuerteventura will once again turn itself into a shooting set. This time it will be the hand of the prestigious Paramount studio that will film in the television series “Berlin Station” in different places on the island. Some 70 Fuerteventurans will participate as extras.
The ten-episode series is a German-American production that will also film in the city of Berlin. The production relies on familiar faces from the movies like Richard Armitage, British actor known for roles like Guy of Gisborne in the series “Robin Hood” or Thorin Oakenshield in the film “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five armies” based on the novel, “The Hobbit,” from the trilogy [sic] written by Tolkien. Actors Rhys Ifans and Michelle Forbes have roles as well.
Ian Steward, the executive director of 7films, a company working for Paramount, made a presentation this morning about the television project in the town hall to the President of the island government, Marcial Morales. Others at the meeting were the mayor of La Oliva, Pedro Amador, council member for tourism in La Oliva, Rosa Fernández, and the director of the department of tourism, Moisés Jorge, who agreed that this shoot will be “an unprecedented promotion for Fuerteventura” with the addition of the power with the Paramount label.
Marcial Morales indicated that with shoots like this one, the island “is consolidating itself as a natural set thanks to its light and varying landscape” and emphasized that  “the fact that they are recording episodes of this Paramount series will allow us to highlight the island so that great national production companies continue making films in this place.”
In his opinion, the bid for film on the island serves to promote it as a destination, but also “distributes the benefits among many small businesses and a part of the population.”
For this part, Pedro Amador pointed out that this shoot is going to confirm that Fuerteventura and, concretely, the town of La Oliva “is defining itself as as a film set.”
Amador announced the arrival of a filming team of more than 30 people who will be staying in the town’s hotels and revealed some film locations such as the Hotel Oliva Beach or the Cervantes estate in Lajares.
Ian Steward of 7films commented that the organization of the shoot on the island was “much easier” thanks to the cooperation of institutions and citizens and stressed the importance that the shoot will have economically in Fuerteventura where “they have already reserved numerous hotel spaces and on top of that will work with twenty-odd local people on production subjects.”
The filming on the island relies on the cooperation of the Tourism Department, the City Council of La Oliva, Riu Hotels, the port authority of Las Palmas and Fuerteventura airport.
Recently, Fuerteventura has converted itself to an acclaimed natural set for directors and producers. Big productions like “Exodus” by Ridley Scott, “The Dictator” with Sacha Baron Cohen or the French film “En solitaire” directed by Christophe Offenstein and shot in the waters of Gran Tarajal have been filmed on parts of the island. Additionally, island landscape are frequently praised for the making of announcements and public campaigns.

~ by Servetus on March 31, 2016.

17 Responses to “English translation of Fuerteventura article #richardarmitage”

  1. Thanks for the translation!
    I am slightly amused (but massively delighted) that they cite RA’s role as Guy of Gisborne in the article… Fuerteventura – a hotbed of Gisborne-fans?

    • I think that series was really popular in Spain for whatever reason. When I started blogging, it was easy to find bootleg copies of it in Spanish.

    • and you know, interestingly — that would probably explain why Armitage (for a change) gets top billing in this article.

      • What an interesting tidbit! I had no idea, but it makes sense. Nice!

        • Do they still dubb in Spain? If so, it’s so sad. Richard would speak with someone else’s voice in Spanish.

          • The stuff I ran into was dubbed. Which was interesting to me because they use different verb forms in Spanish Spanish than in Mexican Spanish (what I learned, living near the Mexican border at the time). It made it sound all grand and old fashioned to me …

  2. Had to look up where this island is. So it has camels and sand dunes. But, it has beautiful beaches and clear water and all that great stuff. So, will RA be going into the terrifying ocean, or is this island standing in for somewhere in the Middle East? Maybe a landlocked somewhere.😎

    • The Canary Islands are beautiful, desirable places to go on holiday, very popular with us Brits, especially in the winter because of the warm temperatures. Rich villains also hide out there from the police, LOL. Perhaps this is why Miller is pursuing his villain from Berlin to Spain.

    • I have to admit that it sort of disappears into the whole haze of “places Germans vacation during the winter” for me, too — but when I had to look up the noun “majoreros” which I had never seen before (i.e., “people from Fuerteventura”) google took me immediately to a map.

  3. Thanks for the translation! 🙂

  4. RA sure gets around. He is quite the globetrotter.

  5. Darn it i’ve booked my holiday in April in Gran Caneria so lets hope he does a bit of island hopping as it’s next door. Can’t believe i very nearly booked Feurtaventura! Once again the nearly fan!

  6. Thank you for the translation!! So interesting. I too had no idea where it was. My first thought though was, “Oh dear! I hope this isn’t another script where he finds out belatedly that he has to be in water!” (Hot or otherwise! The water I mean 😉 He is always hot!

  7. Thank you for the translation. I can´t read Spanish 😦
    A wonderful place for filming in spring 🙂

  8. Seeing the beaches, I’m getting an image of Daniel Miller running along the beach in swim trunks. After all, he is a secret agent so he has to stay in shape, right?

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