Places I would like to bite Richard Armitage: Heavily cropped chimpanzee welfare edition

Screen shot 2016-03-31 at 2.11.18 PM

~ by Servetus on March 31, 2016.

43 Responses to “Places I would like to bite Richard Armitage: Heavily cropped chimpanzee welfare edition”

  1. 🙂

    • If he really wants to help chimpanzees he could hold an auction for the privilege of nuzzling his neck …

      • YEAH, BABY!!! Years ago I saw a meme that, if Richard Armitage were in a kissing booth, we could end world hunger. Same thing for the chimps.

  2. It does look edible, doesn’t it?

  3. Just got scowled at for laughing too loudly. It was worth it though. X

  4. I have just been holding my youngest nephew (9 months) and indulged in soft baby-fat neck fondling. Yet – I have to say, I’d give that particular neck in the photo a try, too. I’d even give the occasionally-showing, odd neck-fold a fond little peck.

    • ich habe ihn zum Fressen gern.

      • That is such a strange sentiment – but yes. 🍰 Sahneschnitte!

        • I know — I remember the expression because of its weirdness (although you can say something similar in English, I never do). Save the cream for Linda, I guess.

          • Well, the word “delicious” comes to mind 😉 And I am afraid, but Linda will have to share…

          • Are you referring to me?? Just a bit of cream for me, but thanks that you think of me. 😀
            ‘Ich habe ihn zum Fressen gern’ for me harks back in parts to – ‘to be fond of/to be in love with a special sb, since one distinctly likes how he/she smells or tastes.(jdn gut riechen können) Therefore it never seemed weird to me.. 😉 Actually it’s VERY important!!!!

        • Schon als Kind fand ich diesen Satz nur unheimlich (Hänsel und Gretel lassen grüßen)…
          Mädels, ihr seid gefährlich!

        • Nicht, dass er endet wie Grenouille in Patrick Süßkinds Parfum – brrrr – aus lauter Liebe aufgefressen.

      • Liebe geht durch den Magen. Irgendwie sind wir alle Kannibalen 😁 Da wird man glatt zum Nackenbeisser.

  5. May I try and lick first?

  6. I wonder how many times would line of those wanting to nibble or just nuzzle for charity cause encircled the Earth? XD Nom…Nom.. Nom..

  7. This reminds me of an interesting conversation I had with my son a few days back.
    As usual I was looking at his pictures on my phone and I say to my son ” Hmm.. Richard had a very long neck. What do you think ?”. He takes the phone from me looks at the picture and says ” He always had a long neck. His huge jaw covers it up most of time but since it is a side view in the pic you can see it” . So in short , my 8 year old thinks Richard has a “huge” jaw and a long neck. Ha ha ha

  8. I think that little hollow at the base of his neck there would be lovely to nuzzle! Come to think of it, I believe I said as much years ago! I see I don’t improve with age!! 😉

  9. Just remembering how you nibble across an ear of corn in a downward motion and then of course lick off the butter..Oh my said too much. So sorry.

  10. Staring at that picture is starting to creep me out. He absolutely is now looking directly at us all totally challenging us to nibble his trapezius!

  11. Yep. He can hold up signs about any number of causes and I will applaud every time, if his trapezius muscle shows itself just so every time.

  12. Oh dear … I look at this trapezius and all I see is asymmetry. All I want to do is massage the tension out of it 🙂

  13. I think that is a lickable area….grinning here. Guess what I discovered last night. I can access George Gently on the Acorn channel and watch RA as Ricky Deeming….

    • I recently signed up for Acorn and noticed that too!! 😀
      BTW, I’m in stitches at all the comments you (Servetus) are making there! “Bite me, baby” etc.. LOL I wanted to add Happy faces to them all – or maybe winks!! 🙂 😉 One of each!!

  14. God know how I wanna to bite all in RA…

    • I think you should focus on one area; biting all the places would be really hard on him AND you …

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