Richard Armitage items in Hannibal prop and costume auction

Here. Auctions close April 4th through 8th. There’s a lot of affordable stuff in the auction. If you ever wanted to own something Richard Armitage wore or used while playing Francis Dolarhyde, here’s your chance. According to the auction info, a donation will be made to support LAKitchen, a charity in Los Angeles.

~ by Servetus on April 3, 2016.

33 Responses to “Richard Armitage items in Hannibal prop and costume auction”

  1. Opening bids for the auction seems super cheap.

    Nothing to do with the auction but Richard turned me onto Belstaff, and now I do covet Belstaff’s women’s wear line which is all ridiculously expensive.

    • There are probably bids in already that we can’t see. I didn’t check it out all that closely — although I wouldn’t mind owning a leather jacket Armitage had worn, it’s not in the budget this month 🙂

      Belstaff is really neat. It doesn’t fit my silhouette at all, but it is gorgeous to look at!

      • Maybe a tshirt he had worn for a sleep shirt. Not sure about w Dolarhyde clothing item but one of Thornton’s white shirts would be heavenly !

        • the way the BBC works, they’re probably still using that shirt for Poldark 🙂

          • A way to settle curiosity as to Armitage’s actual size would be to make a bid for the outfits.
            I like Belstaff as well (for women). Sadly, not on my budget.

  2. Well, you know, I haven’t seen him IRL, so I’m really curious as to his size.

    • Especially since he appears to change it so often on screen.

      • Does size matter?

      • Sorry, the above comment was supposed to go below your comment about shoe size. My phone always plays havoc with the commenting. Now I’m back on the computer.
        Yeah, RA’s size seems to change for each part, and I always consider him to be average height (in DK), and it was confirmed by Guylty at some point when I raised the issue. It’s just the other actors that are short.

        • Shoes, who was talking about shoes?

        • I remember saying that about his height after meeting him at the red carpet and the stage door. Funnily, he seemed really tall to me in Leeds when I briefly stood exactly behind him. So yeah, he changes not only his size but also his height 😉. Invisible lifts in his shoes??? 😂

    • I was curious too and clicked on the outfits. And ta-dah: Most clothes have size information! Was quite surprised about his shoe size, thought he would have bigger feet.

      • Thanks for the comment and welcome! Also thanks for the tip. (Moves off to check out Armitage’s shoe size!)

      • Wow. Ecco size 43 mens? I would have guessed bigger, too.

        • Right? Or maybe he intentionally asked for a smaller size as some kind of acting device. Who doesn’t get mad about pinching shoes?

        • That’s roughly a size 10 boot both here (Canada and the US) and in the UK! That really surprised me! I truly thought to look at his shoes/boots or even his bare feet, that he wore a much bigger size. Maybe he wears a larger size normally for extra comfort 😉

          My granddaughter’s boyfriend is 6′ 2″ so when he told me that, I felt I had a rough idea what it’s like to stand beside Richard (without the swoon factor of course!) 😀

  3. Ok, this is just hilarious: “[…] A large slash is present across the abdomen with dried stage blood surrounding the opening along with splatters on the back. […] Stage blood splatter is present down the sleeves, back, and heavily around the collar and interior.
    This costume shows light wear but remains in good condition.”
    Well I guess costume wise it’s still in “good condition”. ^^
    (outfit in question:

  4. My guess was a bigger size for the shoes and especially the jersey.

    • Ecco shoes (Yay, Danish brand – sorry for being way too patriotic 🙂 ) have a tendency to sometimes be a little bigger than other brands’ sizes. So, he may in actual fact sport a size 44, which is a shoe size that ties in with a height of 188-190 cm (6’2”-6’3”). Mr Mermaid is 188 cm and has a size 44 🙂

      • I probably imagine him taller than the reality.
        Imposing maybe it’s too much, but the impression it is that.

  5. FD (RA’s) rubber cement too ?! 😀 😀 😀

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