A new image from probably my favorite Richard Armitage photographer

Via Armitage Global.

Richard Armitage as photographed by Robert Ascroft, Fall 2012.

Richard Armitage as photographed by Robert Ascroft, Fall 2012.

~ by Servetus on April 7, 2016.

23 Responses to “A new image from probably my favorite Richard Armitage photographer”

  1. Seems very familiar – is it a new one, or a closer crop of one we’ve seen?

  2. Beautiful portrait of a beautiful man.

  3. Beautiful portrait of that very beautiful man.

  4. What the…? Yeah, that is a previously unseen RARA! Very nice, but very similar to the othe one from the same set-up. Damn, I had promised myself I would analyse the next new pic that turned up. But this is too similar to the other one… Hehe, maybe I’ll just reblog the old one?
    Nonetheless, whoever unearthed it, well done!

  5. Just……………………………….awesome

  6. Beautiful photo! Love the black and white and the shadows. Similar but in my opinion better!

  7. I always love B&W photos that work with shadows and light and I do love the criss cross pattern on the face of this one.

  8. Eni Koni originally, I think.

  9. The one in my “stash” shows him looking over his right shoulder out through the “screen/grill” or whatever that is. I’m even more drawn to this one as I like the way he is looking down a bit and his eyelashes casting a shadow in his cheek – particularly on the right (his left)!

  10. I love how significantly his face is obscured. It’s still a picture of him but it crosses the border not being a picture about him, IMO.

  11. wow.

  12. It draws you right into the eyes. The eyes are everything.

  13. I like this one better than the other pose, too. And I am a sucker for a good black and white photo . . . the interplay of the lights and darks. And his contemplative, pensive expression.

  14. He takes my breath away in this one. Everything about it.

  15. lashes…. and isn’t it interesting how in this one the most.. well, almost.. prominent feature of his face is obscured and it becomes entirely about the eyes and the look in them….

  16. love this photo, especially the eyes, the eyes are so hauntingly sad. you just want to hold him until the sadness/the hurt passes.

  17. Love it…for so many reasons!

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