Aha, because it was in this video

~ by Servetus on April 13, 2016.

7 Responses to “Aha, because it was in this video”

  1. Interesting day of work…this boggles my mind. Guess it’s never the same, and though some of it looks tedious and boring, there are high intensity moments that carry you through. The “surreal” is, that this is all for a movie/show. A lot of work for a lot of people for an “entertainment.” The whole industry is an interesting concept. The fact that he still is amazed at his celebrity and his part in it all is something I think I could identify with. It just seems fantastical. His own version of Richard through the looking glass!


  2. It all looks amazing what with that little drone camera and all! Wow! How fantastic to actually be there. I’m so happy that we are able to see these videos. 😀


    • yeah, that’s part of the product, now, too, the BTS stuff that lets us feel like “we’re there” 🙂


      • I’m always fascinated by BTS stuff. I don’t find it spoils a film/series for me knowing how things were done. It just gives me a greater respect for all those who do such incredible work to accomplish the final product. I find I want to sit and watch all the credits at the end – something I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing at one time.


  3. good morning, Servetus. just wanted to say thank you for the video/photos of Mr. Richard Armitage. I was having some very horrible days at work and got home and watched this video and seen some of the pictures and just watching/looking at the very hauntingly, handsome, sexy gentleman, Mr. Richard Armitage, helped brighten my day. Thank You!


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