Some Victoria Wood


I didn’t know who this was, but these vids of her doing standup are pretty funny (and for me, relatable).

~ by Servetus on April 20, 2016.

18 Responses to “Some Victoria Wood”

  1. One of THE original female comedians who made it over here, both in terms and her own stand up and writing. The song ‘Let’s do it tonight’ is something instantly recognisable and utterly brilliant. Another sad day and another huge loss. Off to rewatch dinnerladies which she co-wrote, produced and starred in. An amazing, startling talent.

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  2. She was just brilliant, really gentle, down to earth humour. And a great comedy and drama writer, and actress. A real gem. I can’t think of anyone who didn’t like her.

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  3. She was what is usually described over here as a “national treasure”. Funny, incredibly talented and not just at stand up. A wonderful actress who could do sad and poignant as well as funny, a talented writer, and just a lovely lady. I will forever remember her for singing lines like “come and melt the buttons on my flameproof nightie” and “beat me on the bottom with the Woman’s Weekly” in her hilarious song “Let’s Do It” many years before any of us had heard of 50 Shades. And to be honest she was far more entertaining than that could ever be! Such a sad sad loss.

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  4. Well, I just finished laughing so hard and now I can breathe enough to comment! Never heard of her before this (thanks, Serv!), but what a treasure in just those two clips alone! She makes real life SO funny, and I can certainly relate! What’s even greater is that she didn’t curse, wasn’t coarse…just played a real situation out with wit and great timing! That is a rare gift. Off to share with my sisters who will enjoy just as much, I’m sure!


  5. My tribute to her on face book, I don’t get this upset over celebrity deaths, but she was special.

    “So upset to hear about Victoria Wood. She made me laugh, she made me cry, but above everything she was an inspiration. Her acting, comedy and writing was down to earth, hilarious, gentle and most of all compassionate and moving.
    So sad for her son and daughter who have lost an amazing mum. So sad for us who wont be touched by more of her genius.
    May Allah give her family patience.
    RIP gentle heart.”


  6. I was so sad to wake up to this sad news today. I saw her at the Albert Hall in 1993 and I think that’s the first time I heard ‘Lets do it’ – I just remember laughing so hard I really thought I might injure myself. As a naive 20 something I think it might have been my introduction to sado masochism!

    As many have said, she was an inspiration. For me she was a trailblazer for a generation of female comedians – in the 1970’s when she won the talent show New Faces, the comedy scene was full of blokey, crude humour and she and her peers changed the face of British comedy immeasurably for the better.

    RIP Victoria.

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    • So true she was wonderful made me laugh and nod and identify with her always so warm Can’t believe we’ll never hear and see her again 😢😢😢


    • Thanks for the comment and context — and nice to hear from you!


      • I’ve been here reading Servetus – I just find I have less and less to say!

        You’ve been quiet too – I hope all is well with you.


        • I know what you mean 🙂

          Things are okay. Well, some things are great! Other things, not so great. I’m planning to be less quiet. As soon as have th eopportunity …


  7. I didn’t know her that well but did know some of the things she did and I always liked what I saw. Very sad she went so early… 😦


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