This is what it sounds like / when doves cry

My cousin is in town today from Minneapolis and we were sitting in a bar, drinking, when this news came on. Neither of us could finish our meals.

There are songs that change your life. After you hear them, you know you’re not alone. Good night, Prince.

~ by Servetus on April 21, 2016.

10 Responses to “This is what it sounds like / when doves cry”

  1. Love love love. Love


  2. Such sad news. 😢


  3. 😦


  4. 2016 has been just brutal. 😦


  5. I put on exactly the same song earlier today when I heard the news. I wasn’t even a huge fan but this song was in the soundtrack of my youth. Sad!


  6. Just really sad news. It took all the oxygen out of the day.


  7. Shocking news today. Truly an enormous talent.


  8. Gone way too soon. I associate his songs with much of my youth – first kiss😢


  9. Still upsetting to think about.


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