He who is hungry, let him come and eat


Cookie monster switches to matzoh in honor of the Passover holiday.

This will be yet another very odd Passover, but I think I’m learning not to let that bother me. What is a normal Passover, these days?

Thus it is our duty to thank, to laud, to praise, to glorify, to exalt, to adore, to bless, to elevate and to honor the One who did all these miracles for our fathers and mothers and for us. The One took us from slavery to freedom, from sorrow to joy, and from mourning to festivity, and from deep darkness to great light and from bondage to redemption. Let us therefore recite before the One, Halleluyah, Praise G‑d!

I think I may be as free as I’ve been since being a Jew. Dazed. Still figuring it out.

Chag sameach to all who are celebrating!

~ by Servetus on April 22, 2016.

14 Responses to “He who is hungry, let him come and eat”

  1. Oh, that is an adorable Cookie Monster photo! (But I don’t think he really will like the matzoh!) I have a soft spot for him.
    Shalom, Serv! Wishing you many blessings this Passover.


  2. Chag Pesach sameach, Serv!


  3. Wishing you a happy Passover.


  4. Happy Passover Serv—— also to the Cookie monster.


    • His nose got out of joint when we told him he’d have to be combed all over to make sure he wasn’t harboring any chametz in that fur 🙂


  5. Chag sameach, Serv! I guess “C is for Cookie ” changes to “M is for Matzoh!”


  6. chag sameach, serv


  7. warmest wishes for your Passover (hope it is not too late!) If the cookie monster doesn’t like them i’ll happily take the matzoh 🙂 love them!


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