Tacheles redn — Richard Armitage leaves Berlin

Screen shot 2016-04-23 at 4.45.05 PM



~ by Servetus on April 23, 2016.

34 Responses to “Tacheles redn — Richard Armitage leaves Berlin”

  1. Also, DER Spruch wäre mir jetzt dazu nicht eingefallen 😁 Tacheles reden kenne ich nur mit der Bedeutung: jetzt müssen wir mal ernsthaft und dringend reden. Mit der Betonung in Richtung: jetzt ist aber Schluss mit lustig 😆

    • I think that’s the side of the current incarnation of Tacheles in Berlin in his photo. That’s why I picked it.

    • oh, and it’s also down the street (kind of — Monbijouplatz is at the other end of Oranienbergerstr.)

      • Oweia, ich hab’s nicht kapiert! 😁 But Google sei Dank ist jetzt alles wieder im Lot. Kunst ist nicht meine Stärke 😜 Ja klar, Tacheles redn. Nix blöder, als Witze zu erklären ….

        • No problem. Probably 90% of readers have no idea what I was talking about. Risk of making obscure jokes.

          • Und dabei hatte ich mir gewünscht, dass ich zu den verbleibenden 10% gehöre, die annähernd 98,9% deiner Witze verstehen. Alles zu 100 % zu kapieren wäre dann doch unrealistisch 😂

            • Ach so, und bitte lass mir die Hoffnung, dass ich meistens “glaube” zu verstehen, wovon du redest 😆 Auch wenn du das stark kryptisierst.

              • In other words, don’t feel bad — not every obscure joke I try to make actually works …

            • So for this one you’d have to know modern art, German idioms, Yiddish (since I spelled “reden” in the Yiddish style), and the geography of Berlin. Plus that I was trying to use the “straight talk” metaphor to underline the starkness of the moment …

  2. Isn’t the blond lady at the left, Joanna Bending, RA was playing with in “Use me as your Cardigan” in 2002? There are also pics around when both attended a charity event in 2005??

  3. So, no chance of RA running the London Marathon this year. Too much partying going on. I hope they had a good one🍷🍷

  4. Actually (eigentlich – fits perfectly here!) I thought it to be an unusually spy-like, tight lipped Good-bye! Or aren’t there any big thanks necessary this time??? Just wonder….. (Ok, I’m not the world champion in saying ‘Goodbye’!) 😉

    • who knows … maybe he already suspects he’ll be back? (he said Auf Wiedersehen and not Tschüß ? would he know that). Or maybe he knows he won’t be back and is glad to go?

      • Ha see, there are at least two possibilities!!! Although the 2nd one sounds rather like……things taking a disagreeable course 😀

        • well, who knows — the thing is if the principle of the story is that he’s there to catch a whistleblower, it seems to some extent to delimit the boundaries of the story. He’s not a “Berlin regular” —

  5. so who is the lady in the middle?

  6. now that filming has ended, I hope that Mr. Richard Armitage will finally take a break/vacation and spend it with his family/friends, especially his parents or maybe spend some time with them and then take a vacation from everybody and be by himself and try to relax and breathe a little.

  7. nice to see him let his hair down 😉 a bit after long work months 🙂

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