The reason I really wanted to do a Richard Armitage / Shakespeare anniversary post

Because I still love this.

~ by Servetus on April 24, 2016.

16 Responses to “The reason I really wanted to do a Richard Armitage / Shakespeare anniversary post”

  1. Love it! 😎


  2. Hahaha! That’s reason enough for the post!


  3. oh wow… never seen this either! where is this from? That ? on his forehead LOL overkill much? 😉 And the ominous tone, as if we’re about to be examined on the next line and we better know the exact words, or else!
    More Claudius than Hamlet there, Rich 😉


    • This was part of the social media promo for the Hamlet audiobook release in April/May 2014. You were supposed to vine yourself saying the lines and tweet it. I think they got Ice T to do it as well.

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      • ohh thanks for sharing that! what a great idea!! And i loved the book, makes me look at Hamlet very differently since then 😉 Brill. I have to get the authors’ Macbeth too because i loved what they did with Hamlet 🙂 It’s not read by Richard but has had good reviews too.


  4. lol interesting, I have him reciting Hamlet . Hamlet has always been a favorite of mine but hearing him, it is just exceptional. You listen and it is like you have never really read it before.. just awesome.


  5. Merci pour cet article de commémoration. .)
    Je vous en remercie d’autant plus que vous renouez avec l’écriture d’articles de fond. J’espère que vous avez définitivement retrouvez le goût du partage et du don de votre brillante verve avec les internautes.
    Aujourd’hui je pensais à Tchernobyl, car ce sujet est plus médiatisé en France, que l’anniversaire de la naissance de Shakespeare,. J’espère que l’anniversaire de sa mort fera revivre ce monstre de la littérature anglaise, dans ce pays autocentré que j’aime: la France.


  6. Brilliant to see you also got into the Shakespearean weekend. I got all inspired from all the tweets in my feed and saved some for future use.
    It’s not quite over yet; a lot of experiences are in store over the summer.
    A friend of mine is directing a version of Hamlet at Kronborg (the castle in Elsinore) this summer. And, I’ve re-listened to RA’s reading and got all in the mood again:-) Just brilliant.


  7. For those who asked the whole of Hamlet is downloadable from Amazon at an amazingly low priced and you get over 4 hrs of listening pleasure and it is a pleasure.


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