Looks like Richard Armitage is still in London — and still using his vocabulary

Or maybe not.


~ by Servetus on April 28, 2016.

30 Responses to “Looks like Richard Armitage is still in London — and still using his vocabulary”

  1. What does he mean ? saw the definition of viscera and am still not sure what he means 😉

    • I think he means something like “guts.” I was joking because I seem to remember him having to look that word up at some point (it was mentioned during an interview).

  2. well that just killed my appetite…

  3. Ahh went too early to see it! I missed him! Lol but the play production and acting are great. Glad he liked it I’m not surprised 😊

    • and it looks so far like he didn’t get spotted by anyone who tweeted it. Mr Master Spy.

      • Not front row then like I was 😉 but I didn’t have eyes for anything but the stage either. And it’s rather dark and dusty as well 😊glad he saw it .. I always think :I wish he would get a chance to see something too when I felt it was particularly good 😊

  4. Right? LOL. As soon as that notification came through, I had an instantaneous awful vision of tossing intestines onto a pyre. Lol

  5. Maybe ‘viscera’ should have been ‘verve’ or some other more appropriate word. Does Twitter have spell check that automatically replaces misspelled words with words you don’t want?

    • Given the history of this word in his usage, and the things he’s exchanged with Yael Farber, I strongly suspect he meant to use it this way. But of course it could be an autocorrect mistake.

  6. Glad you cleared that up :-D. I was wrecking my brains, wondering what it meant. Or the reference to Olivier. Despite seeing the play myself I had forgotten that the stage in the NT is called Olivier…
    (PS: No intestines visible on stage, so the play is suitable for vegans, too ;-))

  7. I suspect the viscera reference is in homage to Yael Farber – her production of The Crucible was often referred to as visceral 😀
    Is it ridiculous that I always feel a bit happier when he’s in the same country as me? 😉

    • Oh Helen, I know what you mean…… when you talk about him being in the same country!! 😀

    • I think a lot of English fans were sad that he didn’t move back to the UK for this reason. Something comforting about knowing he’s “close” even if you’ll never see him 🙂

  8. This production was probably extra interesting for him (not only visiting a new play and because of the director) but also because Anna Madeley plays in it ???

    • Doubly good. I was surprised to read Anna Madeley was on Broadway with Kim Cattrall in 2011.

      • she’s one of those undersung talents — never in the headlines but always winning great review and awards.

  9. ‘Visceral’ and full of ‘viscera’ are common usage in the theatre world. It encompasses everything that comes from the deepest parts of being human – bravery, fear, awe, anger, joy, honesty, beauty, the impulsive push and pull between human beings… All of the things that tie us up in knots but make us feel alive. It is a handy word when trying to sum all of that up.

    • Thanks for the comment and welcome. I appreciate the definition. I think what’s confusing most people is probably the specialist usage you refer to. But now what’s confusing me is that he didn’t know the meaning of the word until two years ago — there’s an interview where he’s described as looking up the meaning of the word. I’m guessing this is something he got specifically from Farber and not from his earlier training.

      • That’s a pretty safe bet – his getting it from Farber. From what I’ve read of her work, getting to the viscera of a piece is one of Farber’s specific goals – and actors tend to love it because it is very immersive. His being away from the theater world for so long before working for her, he’d be something of a sponge for new ways of approaching the artform. It happens with actors at all levels.

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