I think this settles it, if I had been been feeling unsettled

Source: Chrissyinwm, seen at Armitage Global.


~ by Servetus on May 7, 2016.

9 Responses to “I think this settles it, if I had been been feeling unsettled”

  1. His Majesty even has his hand curled into the old familiar cuticle-picking pose.


  2. His thumb also looks really large. Maybe it’s just the screencap thing.


  3. From the looks of the picture he may have a few lines to speak. It would be such a shame to waste that magnificent majestic voice.


  4. Majestic as ever! Luckily, some things never change ^^ And I also hope that he has a a few lines to speak … fingers crossed


  5. Definitely THE King! Seriously enrobed; must have been HOT.
    What’s going on with those hands? His fingers are usually so long; here they look almost chubby. And the thumb!! Is this some computer-trickery? The head of the princess is also massive (in the picture below). I’ve always enjoyed ‘Alice’, book or screen 😊


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